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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Always Keep a Bag Packed....Bon Voyage. Solo Trips

It's a new year and January isn't yet over so it's still not too late to make and keep your new years resolutions! At RealisticOverdose 2015 means embracing new experiences, a weakening of any inhibitions that might have kept you from taking chances in 2014 and personal development.  One of the ways we intend to embrace these new experiences is broadening our travel horizons, which can and will broaden our personal horizons! 

This year your Realist writers have trips planned and completed to London, Dubai, New Orleans, Nigeria, New York, LA, ATL far  we are sure to continue to add as the year progresses! 

As writers who are relatively well traveled, the experiences gained in each new place is invaluable.

It is said that experience is the best teacher, and we agree. 
Matter fact, until you are able to travel and learn from new people and perspectives your views on the world will be slightly narrowed.

 I recently took a trip to London for a week and you may underestimate how soul renewing it can be take a breath in a different place. While I was there I was able to see think, strengthen my independent spirit, and explore! I took a solo trip and it allowed me to let go and think freely without the clouded judgements of others. 
The value of solo exploration and trips can be undervalued, SURPRISINGLY it is a lot more fun than planning a trip with friends and family. 

​Traveling with others means you are guaranteed to have someone to at the least spend time with, or go out to eat, or sightseeing and who doesn't like companionship when making life memories? 

What is less likely to happen though on partner or group trips, is time for solo reflection, thinking, and exploring.

 I strongly believe that it just as important to cultivate relationships and spend time with other people as it is to be comfortable and happy in your own company. While I was in London, I didn't rent a car so I spent a lot of time taking the train, buses and cabs and it was nice to sit back while I was carried to wherever my next destination. It gave me the free time to think about my life back home(the good and bad). 

This allowed me time to write my thoughts out, think about any changes that I wanted to make when I returned back home, listen to my favorite music and just relax. Sometimes it's necessary to take some time out for yourself and connect with yourself, especially if you are in need of a refresher, and taking a vacation to a far off land, or shoot a bordering city. These are all perfect opportunities to relax and focus on yourself. 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life, and the daily hustle and bustle of obtaining a paycheck that we start to lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in our heads and in other people. So much so that we forget what really matters to us,  we let our dreams slip through our fingers without even realizing it.

Another amazing benefit of vacationing in a place that is either new or less than familiar to you, whether solo or partnered up is the challenge of becoming accustomed to your new surroundings. Familiarity is comfortable and in terms of where you live, it always feels good to know where the best places are to get pizza, and how to hail a cab so that it actually stops and to understand that Ben's Chilli Bowl is worth the hype( if u are in dc)! 

Familiarity can sometimes breed complacency though, and it might not be until you go to another place that you realize how much you might want or need a change. 

Using myself as an example, I have lived in the suburbs for a majority of my life so I'm accustomed to being driven or driving to wherever I want to go. 
So you can only imagine how going to a country that has one of the best transportation systems in the world, to the point where people rely heavily on public transport to get around can be a bit intimidating.

 At the beginning of my trip I took multiple wrong trains and buses and got frustrated with myself and dabbled with the idea of just becoming a shut in and experiencing London from my window. 

But here's where the self development comes in:I didn't allow my frustration to stop me from going out and seeing the city. I also didn't take the "easy" route and just be carted around by cabs. I kept trying to get a hang of the buses and trains and eventually I could get to and from places of my interest with ease and it felt AMAZING. 

It showed me that with the  help of other people and my own smarts, that I could do what I thought I couldn't do. Small scale experiences like that can be the difference in you starting your own business or continuing to feel like a slave to the clock because success is success. As a child you learned how to walk and even as early as a toddler, you gained confidence that helped you to progress to the next stage of life. 

In the same like taking a solo vacation can be a turning point in your life, especially if you decide to go to a country where everyone speaks a completely different language. For example, it will be a challenge to get around and communicate, but it doesn't mean that it cannot be done. There is something about accomplishing something you had no idea you would. It does something for the ego.

Vacationing is also a great way to explore! When we were young, the world was so new us. That newness wears off though as we get older and acquire responsibilities and then that restless inquisitive spirit within us that used to be so excited for new experiences is quiet. Taking a vacation even as close as a 1 hour drive to a city that you've never been to or explored can excite you again. 

There was a point in time when me and my friend were so stressed out with university and our full time jobs and we just wanted a break from it all. So we decided to take a 2-3 hour trip to New York, Virginia, Delaware, and some other places and look up cool places to shop, eat, and see. It was pretty inexpensive because we drove and an easy commitment because we were vacationing on our weekends. Our first trip was to Alexandria, VA and we stayed at the Aloft Dulles North, and that was one of our exploration points. We wanted to choose a hotel we had never stayed at just to be able to say we had experienced it. Then we found out where there was a local flea market and events around, and we parked our car and checked it out. Simply put, it was nice. It nurtured the inquisitive spirit within us that just simply wanted to be interested by something new. 

What was more interesting was that once we took that first trip, we couldn't wait to plan our next inexpensive, weekend getaway, to a not so far off place just to be somewhere different to do something different.  

So even just getting out in your own backyard so to speak and exploring can fulfill that desire that you may not even know exists within you still, to see the world from a different perspective. 
One of the best pieces of advice my dad ever gave me was to go to new places with an open mind. This literally means to go to new places and try not expect is to be just like home or try to make it like home. 

It means to appreciate new and different places for what they are and as the old adage goes, 

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 
It was also an invitation to do just that, go to new places. 

So this year Realistic Overdose invites you to do the same, Go to new places, and keep an open mind. Change and hopefully improve your life by gaining a new perspective through new experiences. Bon Voyage! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Attracting Wealth through the use of Intentional Energy

Money Magic

Using spells(intentional use of energy) to attract more wealth to you

How Intentional energy Works

Every action we have starts with intention. The stronger the intention the more powerful the act.  Your thoughts are made of electromagnetic energy.  This energy creates a magnetic field around your body that attracts people and situations that conform to your dominant thought pattern

When you are concentrating on a physical object while setting your intention , you are taking the first step of allowing your intention to travel from your personal space to the world of matter.  This can be any object, but it is preferable if the object contains some type of symbolism, whether it be a color or an image. This assists with realigning your subconscious thought patterns with your intention.

Movement accelerates the rate at which your intention circulates into the “collective pool of consciousness”.  You can think of your strong intention as a signal that alerts others of what you want.  Those who are able to fulfill your intention in some way will become magnetically drawn to you.  When you include an element of movement, through a candle, incense or dance, you allow your intention to travel faster, as the energy you create carries your intention out into the world.  Everything, including scents and physical movements have a certain molecular pattern.  

The instrument you choose for movement should have a molecular structure that complements the energy of what you are trying to create.

 You can think of your intention as the “spirit”.  The living organism serves to give form or shape to your intention and allow it to manifest in the physical world.  A living organism can be flowers, plants, uncooked food or an animal.
Water can also be used, but it must be water that is still alive. Water that is "alive" refers to water that is found in nature;springs, wells, oceans..etc.  

For the most part, bottled and distilled water has lost most of its living essence, simply because it has already been processed and tampered with.

The spell offered here is pretty light and easy to perform.  
It is designed to give you a “boost” not a complete life overhaul.  

This being said, the spell outlined below is most suitable for people who are already on the path to where they want to go but just need a little bit of magic to push them to the next level. 

The following use of Intentional Energy is designed to bring more wealth and resources into your life.

Items needed
Image/photo representing wealth
green candle
patchouli incense or burning oil

BEGIN WHEN THE MOON IS WANING (moving from new to full)
  1. Step One:  Find and image of your  you choice that is your literal interpretation of wealth such as a pile of money or a field of gold.  It can also be an image of something more personal and symbolic.  The only requirement is when you look at it, you see $$$$$$$.  You also need a GREEN candle and PATCHOULI incense.  Light the candle and allow it to burn continuously for 7 days.
  2. Step Two:  Look at the image for 3 minutes every morning upon waking for 7 days.  Follow this by lighting the incense.
  3. Step Three:  On the 7th  day, perform the following:
Take a silver coin and wrap it in a corn husk.  
While holding the coin, repeat the following three times:  
 As the waves of the ocean are infinite and as the trees in the forest grow tall, let my work now bring me to harvest.  I’m ready to receive my all”
Bury the wrapped coin in some soil in your yard.  If you live in an apartment, bury it in one of your houseplants. 
Once this step is complete, blow out the candle. 
During the day; wear green, tan or brown. These earth colors will greatly heighten the elemental energies that you will be tapping into. 
Next, pick or buy some fresh flowers to add to your home.

Step Four:  Be prepared for a transformational event that allows you to experience more wealth and abundance into your life.  This event will occur around the time of the full moon. 

Good luck!

Ultraviolet Eleven

Friday, January 23, 2015

Stress is Real and Deadly


What is stress? Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world.  It is a normal response to unfamiliar situations. Unfortunately many of us are facing stress overload, so our bodies constantly remain in a stressed out state.

Examples of stress overload:
  1. ·       You are a single mother who also works a full time job while going to school.
  2. ·       You are dealing with the death of a parent, which now puts you in a situation where you are the head of the household
  3. ·       You are on the come-up, grinding and working hard towards a specific goal, which causes you to have no time for yourself 
  4. Having the people you love and care about abandon you 
 You know you are experiencing stress overload if you consistently suffer from the following symptoms: 

headaches, esp. migraines, stiff neck, tight shoulders, lower back pain, heart problems, high blood pressure or chronic anxiety.

The worst side effect of stress is that over time, it get stored in your body and can disrupt your system on many levels.  

Below, you will find how emotional build-up is expressed through various internal organs and what you can do to re-create balance

The liver determines the quality of the blood. If the liver doesn’t function properly, there is general deterioration of the system.

The liver stores anger. Your emotional state can and will affect the overall health of your body. For instance, anger and unhappiness can damage the liver.

What causes the damage is unhappiness. Finding out the source of your unhappiness is step one in rebuilding the liver. Tending to your emotional health can help you tend to the health of your internal organs.
Unhappiness usually comes with blame, most of us like to condition our happiness on someone else actions. We tend to try and find our happiness in and through other people, so when we aren't happy we tend to shift blame and make it someone else’s fault.

The liver is the factory of the body. When the liver is balanced , then we can be flexible and respond to sudden change. When it is impaired, out entire system is out of whack.  A damaged liver can cause  rigid and over-controlling behavior.

Liver energy is expressed through the eyes. Yellowy whites indicate poor liver function.

Please note, if you suffer from any of the above emotional problems, more than likely, your liver is not functioning properly.  
In this case, be sure to include the following foods in your diet.

Foods for Proper Liver Functioning:

Carrots, beets, garlic, tomatoes, brazil nuts, lemons, cayenne pepper, green tea

The kidneys are the organs of discrimination and choice. They decide what to keep and what to get rid of. They filter our internal systems.

We store our fear in the kidneys. Fear is connected to the Will. The sense of personal power and will to fulfill one’s potential in life are rooted in healthy kidney energy. Poor kidney energy produces weakness and timidity, a feeling of being unable, or unwilling, to deal with the demands of life.

Also the kidneys hold our ancestral energy and promotes longevity.

The kidney energy is expressed through ears and hair. Prematurely graying hair denotes kidney weakness, as the ancestral energy is weak.

Skin problems are often caused by poor kidneys as well. This along side poor bowel function means that toxins seek their way out of the body via the skin.

 Foods for Proper Kidney Functioning:

Apples, watermelon, pears, cucumbers, grapes, cranberries, cherries, carrots, zucchini

AVOID the following :

High protein diets (meats, cheeses, excessive nuts, etc.) refined sugar products (cakes, pies, donuts, candy),  sodium (potato chips, bacon, luncheon meats, cheese, canned vegetables, canned soups, frozen dinners, bouillon cubes and table salt), high amounts of potassium (bananas, broccoli, chocolate, tomatoes, cantaloupe, prunes and mushrooms). 

If you are craving these types of food, this is another sign that your kidneys are not operating at optimum level

The capacity for joy determines the health of the heart. What hurts the heart is anger.

Anger is an emotional state, which can build up and become an act - violence.
If you own the anger, “I feel angry”, you don’t need to act violently.

Anger is usually a perceived receipt of injury.

Anger in the heart that has been suppressed through fear of losing control will often kill, especially men. (i.e. HEART ATTACK!!)

The heart holds our aspirations, it is concerned with the quality of our desires.

Corrupted desires can lead to heart disease.

When the heart is balanced, it is not forceful, but accepting.
The heart is capable of relating to the whole world.

Heart energy is expressed through the complexion and the tongue. The quality of the voice also indicates the quality of the heart.

Foods for Proper Heart Functioning:
Berries, oranges, apples, yams, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, walnuts, flaxseeds (and flaxseed oil), beans

The lungs are where we hold our grief. Smoking is an effective way of suppressing grief, one reason why it’s so addictive.

The lungs become imbalanced through disdain and judgment of others, scorn, contempt and prejudice.

The energy stored in our lungs is expressed through the skin, which is also an organ of respiration, hence the link between eczema and asthma.

Foods for Proper Lung Functioning:
Olive oil, Olives, Avocados, nuts, water

The bowel relates to the liver and anxiety. This is the area of the root chakra - which is concerned with security, structure and basic survival.

Bowel problems can be the result of the  desire to be perfect, a need for control. These indicate a fear of letting go.  Constipation is an inability to let go.
Imbalances are often the result of guilt, unexpressed anger and fear.  The functioning of the bowels are also impaired by low feeling of self-worth, i.e, “feeling like shit”.

Foods for Proper Bowel Functioning:
Oats, quinoa, kamut, all green leafy vegetables

Please note, just because you are feeling angry one day doesn’t mean you are going to die from a heart attack.  Physical breakdowns do not come from isolated incidents of emotions, but rather they are the result off habitual patterns.  To avoid these patterns from manifesting in your body, the next time you feel stress, fight back! Release unproductive emotions and grab something to healthy to eat!!!

Health is Wealth

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Social Media Ruined Creativity...LOG OFF


It's important that our generation is not consumed the WORLD WIDE WEB! 
The Internet, one of the few things that connects all of us on a consistent basis.
So much so that people are attracted to it, so much so that people get online and are able to recreate themselves, or develop an idea! 
When used properly, the Internet and social media is a GREAT tool to help  evolve our society and culture, but when in the wrong hands it can turn into something completely opposite.

Some people get so consumed by social media and their online personalities that they crave online popularity. The amount of people focused on how many followers they have on twitter or likes on Instagram are losing touch with reality. Your social status means nothing if you are not gaining something meaningful from it. Whether its building connections with strangers or simply inspiring someone with your art.

Do not let your online status/presence change who you are as a person or  worse, change your art and process. 

Social media use to be a place where creativity bloomed and thrived because at one point not everyone was online. Now everyone and their parents have a facebook, twitter, instagram etc... the content displayed on these mediums are diluted.

What do you use social media for?  Are facebook, twitter, instagram hindering true creativity to flourish? Now that everyone can share their "art" and thoughts, the content is no longer pure. The content or message is no longer there. Now people "create" for retweets or likes, instead of creating to express emotion or deliver a message.

With anything, too much of it can be a dilute the genuine. 

Are you part of the problem? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little Fringe goes a Long Way

The exciting part about clothes is that you have options. For the days you want to step that style level up a notch, you have to step out of your comfort zone. You have the option to spice things up try something different. Today we are asking you to go left and add a little fringe into your life. When it comes to fringe most people really don't know what to do or how to wear it. 

So, Let us guide you.

Always remember to never over think an outfit. Styling with a Fringe piece is easier than you think. It is all about being creative but adding your own twist to the look.

I personally adore wearing fringe because it allows you to add movement to your outfit. Sometimes you want to look as excited and happy as you feel on the inside, thats when fringe pieces come into play! You can tone it up or down with the color choice, its all a matter of what message you want to convey at the moment.

Another thing about fringe is, it does not stop with skirts or bottoms. You can fringe almost everything, from jackets, purses, they even have fringe shoes lol, so explore and find your signature fringe piece.

Style is all about finding out what works for you, and making it POP! Find out what fringe looks you are drawn to, then go in for the kill!

My favorite is a fringe jacket or purse, just to add a little edge to my simplistic style!