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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Make it easy for yourself, and just Match!

Fashion doesn't always have to be complex, sometimes being simple is more than enough. 
So simple that all you have to do is match! Two piece sets have always  had a role in the fashion industry, from your local designer to more high end brands. They have been here, and are not going anywhere anytime soon.
I personally, have not always been a fan of matching outfits, but that's what is amazing about fashion and style. What works for some does not and will not work for all, but that does not mean I can not appreciate a great outfit when I see one.

For the women who often find themselves trying to piece outfits together from nothing, consider matching the "easy way out". 

Brands such as Moschino. Nasty Gal, & Shop JEEN have made matching simple and exciting with creative prints and color schemes. 

Try these looks for yourself!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Myths about The Vagina

As I was scrolling through my instagram, I came across @MsWrightsWay's IG and a picture of herself she posted during pregnancy with her vagina blurred out. 

I assumed that for obvious reasons she didn't want her vagina on blast on her page even though she wanted to share the picture but she also posted the hashtag #Iworemypubichairproud and it struck me and made me start to think because this is out of the norm when it comes to the representation of the female anatomy. 

Unless you're reading a textbook or educational book of some sort, the vagina is usually bald or minimally covered in pubic hair groomed into some "cute" style. whether it's personal preference to shave some of it off, shave it all off or go Au naturale, we thought we'd keep it real and educate our readers on the facts about pubic hair down there as opposed to perpetuated societal standards for grooming your lady parts.

Myth: It's nasty not to shave because it traps sweat and debris and causes you to stink "down there"

Fact: There is a distinct difference between good hygiene and what is referred to as the natural female flora. Biologically whether male or female, we all produce a scent or odor that is either consciously detected or subconsciously detected because it is in the form of pheromones. Pheromones are scents we produce that attract us to the opposite sex for the most part. Your natural scent whether it's your body, your sweat or yes even the scent of your vagina is unique to you. As long as it does not smell fishy, yeasty or like something is dying, it is believe it or not, NORMAL for your vag to have a scent.

Obviously if you workout, sweat profusely, have other things happen during the day like discharge or if you're menstruating, this smell can be stronger, but this is where good hygiene is all you need to practice. Most doctors would simply recommend washing with water and a mild unscented soap that won't disrupt the pH of your vagina which is usually the real culprit of a funky smell "down there". Your body hair catches sweat and other debris and bacteria that naturally smell if they are left to build up but if being clean is what is important to you, then simply washing more frequently is an easy solution. 
Simply hanging on to your pubes does not automatically equal a smelly vagina so don't be fooled by this myth. Contrary to popular belief unlike water, the pH of the vagina is not the same, so you may not "smell like water" and that has nothing to do with not shaving if you practice good hygiene.

Myth: There is no point to having hair on your p*ssy

Fact: Believe it or not there is almost ALWAYS a point to the awe inspiring biological engineering of the human body that produces such pesky characteristics such as sweat, mucus and body hair including your pubes. All the hair on your body from your head to your toes serves as one of the first lines of defense as a protective barrier against physical impacts and microscopic bacteria. Obviously your fragile hairs can't absorb the impact of a crash or a slap BUT they do absorb some and more importantly these hairs prevent bacteria from infiltrating your skin and causing infections that can be just as harmful as physical injuries.
Whether you wax, shave, use depilatory creams, electrolysis or laser your hair off, it leaves behind microscopic cuts on the skin that are open wounds vulnerable to the very bacteria the hair was trying to protect against. Some clinicians have found that those who choose to remove their pubic hair are more vulnerable to STI's such as herpes because these viruses and bacteria can more easily infect the skin through microscopic abrasions left behind from pubic hair removal.

Myth: A bald vagina is prettier than a hair vagina

Fact: Although a large portion of the porn industry in particular has contributed to this perception of "bald is beautiful", this is still not the general consensus. It's important to know that women all over the world choose to #rocktheirpubesproudly as a personal preference because yes believe it or not they actually like how it looks. There was a point in time in the era of the "Joy of Sex" in the 80s when "wild, bushy" lubes were all the rage and vividly illustrated in sexual position education books. Plus there is actually a whole industry of porn propagated on some people's affinity and attraction to the natural occurrence of hair "down there".

Myth: Guys don't like girls with hairy vaginas

Besides the fact that we personally ignore male pandering and male centered views of sex because we all know now that both women and men enjoy sex and have their own legitimate personal preferences, that is just not true. Secondly as the age of consent for most states are based on the maturation of a girl into a woman, and a boy into a man, we should start right there. Men are more varied, open minded and frankly horny regarding their views on pubes. Google polls of male opinions and views of women with pubic hair and you will find opinions that run the gamut from men who can't stand pubic hair to men who are only turned on by the presence of pubic hair so have hope you'll find a man who you don't have to change for no matter what your preference is. Some men are even turned off by a bald vagina because pubes are more "womanly" to them aka indicative of their lady love's cross from prepubescent childhood i.e. no pubes into womanhood when you get one of the first signs you are maturing.

So in sum whether you choose to rocky a baldy or grow baby grow, you do what's best for you armed with the facts and the confidence to be yourself even "down there" despite what society and media messages might be telling you ♡

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Yogi in You

Try something new! I did...and fell in love. As a New Year's resolution for 2015, I made it a goal to try new things. One of them being yoga, since it's offered free at the gym I work for. I had been scoping the class for awhile and seeking an outlet for the anxiety and sadness I had been feeling over the past year due to an unhealthy relationship and feeling lost in various aspects of my life. 

I wanted something to take my mind off things until I had the clarity I needed to make the necessary changes. I took my first class and I was surprised to see the yoga studio filled with people much older than me. I was a little thrown off, but I figured I'd at least give it a shot. The class began and the instructor turned on very calming music with sounds of water and chiming that helped you focus on meditating or at least bringing more awareness to yourself. 

The class itself took on a slow pace, but still a bit challenging for me since I had never done any of these movements or poses before. I initially found it difficult to keep my mind from drifting during the class from random things like what I was doing after or how my day had even prior to the class. All distractions that would lead to me losing my concentration and not following the instructor's directions. 

It would be a simple mistake that he didn't mind correcting since I was a beginner. I slowly found myself a little frustrated that I couldn't solely focus on the task at hand. I tried to clear my mind of all things other than my body and what I was being instructed to do with it. After a few classes, I had become much better at not getting distracted by things and I was receiving encouragement and compliments from my instructor. I had to stop fighting my mind and just allow it to be.

 Hearing from my instructor that yoga seemed to come very naturally to me and that I should continue to take classes was very rewarding for me, especially since, this was all so new to me. I was not the best at any pose, in fact, most of the older women in the class had been practicing yoga for years. I impressed myself however, with my commitment to the process and not allowing any negativity or self criticism to consume me.  

It also taught me a lesson that can be applied in about every aspect of your life.
In order to be successful at anything, especially yoga in my opinion, you have to fully commit. 

Once I noticed how rewarding that was, I wanted to carry that into my everyday life. Yoga had become my sense of reflection, my "me time" had so much more purpose. I was able to sit or lay in silence and just feel a sense of clarity and hope that although things may not be the best right now, just as my skills as a yogi were not, but with time and persistence they would only progress. Finding something that captivates you and brings light and positivity into your life is a blessing. I am grateful for being able to find something I am now so passionate about. It teaches me to not always rush things and to allow myself to transition organically into whatever life may throw my way. It has been about four months since I've started yoga and I plan to continue to practice and study the history, in order to one day become an instructor. I feel as though this can be my gift to others, to share that same light and hope I received from yoga. 

Perhaps, I can one day help someone going through similar circumstances as myself. I feel as though I have purpose now and that is such an amazing feeling as long as you have a plan. Yoga may not be your thing, but you'll never know until you try. You're never too old to find a new hobby or even a new passion you may want to pursue. Continue to challenge yourself and do things just for the experience. Knowledge is power and learning new things about yourself can never get old. 

Written by: Christian Williams @jojosaidso

Monday, August 10, 2015

Music Monday: Tokyo Vanity

Today's Music Monday is a special one. Special in the sense that it really shows the power and influence that can come with social media. 
If you have a Twitter, Instagram, Vine or even Facebook account, I am sure you have seen this young lady by the name of Tokyo Vanity. She is another case of how doing something for laughs can turn into profit or even grab you a little more than 15 min of fame. This young lady is known for her comedic and sometimes outlandish videos on vine and Instagram where she says and does whatever she pleases, which normally results in over 1,000 likes per post. 

Just when you thought she was nothing more than a social media comedian,  her along with her best friends did something  that would reach millions of people including celebrities, and other influencers. She created the "best friend" vine and dance. 

Don't know what we are referring to, no worries take a look below!

 Not only did this video spread like wild fire, it created a new lane for Tokyo, and she dived right into it. Not sure if this is going to be one of many songs or the only song, but we have to admit, she did her thing! The beat is catchy, and it's just an all around FUN summer song to bounce to.
Tokyo decided to capitalize off of her social media fame, and she is doing a great job.

Tell us what you think!

Directed by: Cinemadonna

Buy It Now On Itunes!!

Email -

@TOKYOxVANITY - Instagram

Body Hair, Armpit Hair...Hair Everywhere

As it gets progressively hotter and we shed more and more clothes trying to beat the heat, removing "unsightly" body hair particularly in your armpits will become more and more of a priority. Everyone wants beautifully smooth hairless pits like the women in the Dove Deodorant commercials so we have some tips for achieving this without spending hundreds of dollars on laser hair removal. 

Hair Removal 

There are plenty of options for hair removal from shaving to waxing. If we had to recommend any particular method we would definitely advocate for waxing. There are so many benefits to waxing: 

It's long lasting, typically anywhere from 4-6 weeks 
It removes the hair from the follicle reducing the chances of ingrown hairs 
The wax doubles as an exfoliant removing hair and dead skins cells on the surface of the skin for even smoother results 
Variety of waxing options from at home to salon service and hard wax to sugar wax
Can help restore underarms to lighter color if they have darkened

Underarm Skincare

Just like any part of your body, your underarms need adequate skin care to combat against skin blemishes such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. If you aren't ready to wax, make sure to prep your skin for shaving by exfoliating, using a new razor and applying a preventive medicated agent to the newly shaved area such as BumpZone or TendSkin. 

Exfoliate your armpits weekly to remove hairs embedded under the skin and to remove dead skin cells that also trap hairs leading to pimples and ingrown hairs. 

Consider using an antibacterial cleanser just like one you would apply to your face because pimples and sores from shaving are also caused by bacterial infection so this will  help prevent the occurrence. 

You can combine steps for cleansing your pits by investing in an astringent that tones and cleanses such as TendSkin mentioned above. It works by killing bacteria because of the alcohol content treats in grown hairs and helps to encourage cell regeneration to reveal lighter pits over time.

After all this exfoliating, cleansing and toning, you can apply a skin softening and moisturizing deodorant such as Dove. 

If your pits are discolored from repeated abrasions and shaving, we recommend Dr. Fred Summit's Skin Whitener with 2% hydroquinone. It is a low level skin bleaching agent that softens the skin as it bleaches. The active ingredient is in a low enough dose that it is not harmful and safe for use for a short time. Results will definitely vary, but it can restore the skin under your arms to their original color. 

Enjoy the warm weather, confident that your pits are ready to be seen. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"A Melanated Afternoon" Styled by Lepa

Dress: Calvin Klein
Photographer: Raat_Fashion
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Friday, July 17, 2015

No need to hit the Spa, Walk right into your Kitchen!

Want to relax and look good, you have to go to the SPA right? 


You may or may not be surprised but with the right knowledge and application, of some of your favorites foods, spices and flavors you can skip the spa and increase your pockets.

Let us get right to it! 
If you have really dry skin or random breakouts, we highly recommend this honey oatmeal mask:
Grab a handful of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of honey & some water and mix together until it's formed a paste. 
Once it's relatively thick & paste like, apply it to your face evenly in small circles. Once you're done continue on with painting your nails or washing the dishes. I like to leave this mask on for 30 mins and wash it off with water as warm as you can stand it. Then I splash my face with cold water to close my pores and my skin is always glowing after.

Exfoliation is a way of life
One of the keys to looking younger is beautiful radiant skin which is supported by getting dead dry skin cells off of the surface of your skin. 
I use brown sugar in place of white sugar, but either one works. In a small bowl I put 2 tablespoons of brown sugar into a 1/2 cup of shower gel and off to the shower I go. 
I rub the shower gel/sugar scrub mix into my skin with just my hands even though you can use your loofah or sponge and my skin is so smooth all over after a sugar scrub treatment. You can do this as often as you like and if your lips are dry and cracked you can also use sugar to soften them. Apply a nice layer of chapstick, sprinkle some sugar on your lips and rub them together. Wipe your lips off to reveal your newly smooth puckers. 

If you have thin lips or you'd just like to add some more natural oomph to your pucker, don't even bother with the #kyliejennerchallenge. A dash/pinch of cinnamon in your lip gloss of choice or on your lips after applying your lipstick/gloss will safely & naturally plump your lips. So cinnamon is good for more than  just your morning oatmeal.


When your hair is dry, damaged and more or less just generally lifeless it's time to call out the big dogs and head to.your fridge. If you don't already invest in some mayonnaise for one of the best at home deep conditions your hair will ever experience. Mayonnaise is extremely nourishing because of the protein content and I also like to add a teaspoon of one or more essential oils such as avocado or.olive oil for extra conditioning. Apply this to just the ends of your hair or all over your hair, put a shower cap on or a bag and let it do its thing. Don't be alarmed if it's so warm that you find relatively solid white pieces in your hair. It will alarm wash out and your hair will be so shiny and soft afterwards, the grossness of mayonnaise in your hair will be all worth it.

The last tip is for the happy hour spa treatment lovers because it is a happy hour hair treatment. For this you'll need at least two bottles of beer. Open one bottle of beer (preferably a beer that is high in hops such as your Indian pale ales) and let it sit out on the counter for 1-2 hours so it's relatively flat. While you wait for it open the other beer and have a drink. After waiting, wash or co-wash your hair and rinse. Apply the beer to your hair whether your put it in a spray bottle and spray it on from roots to tips or pour it on. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse it out thoroughly. Conditioning after is a good option to avoid smelling like beer. Beer rinses are fantastic for achieving high shine and are especially good for curly girls in improving elasticity.

Hopefully these beauty finds have pleasantly surprised you and you feel ready to pamper yourself like you deserve. Granted you might smell like you came from happy hour or especially honey sweet, your lips will be full and plump, skin smooth and clear, & hair shiny and bouncy.