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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wardrobe Change, put away the black!

Spring is FINALLY HERE! Not just technically here, but spring and all its amazing weather is FINALLY HERE, and if you are like the most of us, you have seen enough rain and felt enough cold weather to last a lifetime. Enough was enough! 

It's time to retire our hefty jackets for something lighter and sleeker.  The weather is changing and so should your wardrobes, it time to dive into new styles and brighter colors! Spring is Time to dive into something new. Although in the fashion world, the color black will never go out of style, this season challenge your self to wear every color EXCEPT black ! 

Every now and then it is  good to step out your comfort zone especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Clothes can get boring if worn the same way every time. Switch it up a little, surprise people! Surprise yourself! 
Depending on all black to save your outfit is lazy, and as the weather warms you don't want to be outside in all black burning yourself up!

 After awhile that little black dress or all your favorite black jeans and shoes  lose their magic, eventually you will have to make an actual outfit. 

Have options.

Try something different, try vibrant colors that compliment your complexion and figure. As the season changes so can you! Take the time to find and create your own 

Here are some of my favorite spring looks!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Know What You Did......

Here at RealisticOverdose, we are constantly listening to our readers. Since our post on how to have fun during the weekend without hitting the club, we have gotten plenty of emails of people sending us their ideas of what a "fun" weekend is to them. Regardless of what it is.
Let us just say our readers range from the avid book reader/wine sipper & business woman/man to the bottle girl/ club promoter who is  in the club every weekend for a check trying to fund that next trip or pay of tuition. 

That is what is so amazing about our site, many if not all people can relate to at least one of our posts. There is something here for everyone.

So starting today, every
week we will be posting one story from one of our readers or even writers on what they did this past weekend. Feel free to comment, share, shake your head, or  even just laugh to your self!

Here we Go! 
This story was sent in by one of our female readers....

So I just returned back to my home town, I was away for school and had not seen my high school friends in a long time. All week we had been texting about what the weekend was going to be like, we had no actual plans but we all knew we would be together, so a good time was bound to be had. On Friday morning I made my way to my one of my best friends house, went grocery shopping, hit the liquor store and the day continued from there. As the day went on, more of our friends came over, some that were away for school, some we just had not seen in a long time. Anyway, the drinks started flowing , laughs were being shared. Around 2 pm, one of my best friends male friends and school mates came over, he was attractive. This was not the first time  we met, we were all friends and have hung out numerous times. We locked eyes a couple of times, but it was just innocent I thought.

Fast forward to the morning to when I woke up, my legs were spread wide open in front of him and condom rappers served as our covers. Reminder this was a weekend of celebration! My one of my friends graduated from college, and a lot of us were back home so without a question, drinks were definitely involved. 

Between the hours of 3pm -10pm we all had our share of dark liquor & drugs to last half the summer! But did that stop us from drinking more!? NOPE. We processed to purchase another bottle of alcohol just for the hell of it. By now I couldn't even count to 10 if I wanted to. Trying to save myself from embarrassment on go into my room and lay on my bed. 15mins later I hear a whisper at my door from a guy friend I'd always thought was cute but didn't think too much of.  He comes to lay by me and we joke & laugh about how drunk and idiotic we are. Out of no where he pulls me closer & begins to kiss me neck , oddly enough I didn't mind because it felt good at the moment , unexpectedly he staring eating my insides like a bowl of ice cream. I honestly didn't know he was cable of achieving such great head but it was so amazing ! You can almost guess what happened next . WE HAD SEX.  Which you would think would be amazing right?.....NOPE!

It was really lazy, i was so disappointed. No wonder he was so good at giving head. Unfortunately, I don't even remember coming. In fact I don't even remember the 2nd round of sex, non the less I enjoyed my weekend for what it was. LOL......

Thinking that was the end of it all, i was shocked to get a call later that afternoon asking 
"how was it?".... 

Since he was a friend, and I did not want to hurt his feeling....I Lied. 

Tune in next week! If you would like to share please contact us at !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Think like a "woman" act like a "man".... Says a Man......Why?

One of our writers had an interesting experience this week and kept getting blamed for not understanding men, or knowing how to play the game and etc, etc. 

Well this is what she had to say about it....

 I started thinking about where all this advice was coming from and why. I was being told by women young and old, that as a woman I was required to understand how men work/think. I was being told that I needed to know all these things that would ensure my success when dealing with a man. I kept pushing back though and asking them, but why is it a “game” or a set of techniques I need to learn? Why are men not required to know how I think, what I need, and how to appeal to me? 

Now this may seem like a crazy feminist rant but it’s not. I’m simply asserting that this male centered view of dating is ridiculous and it’s ridiculous for both men and women to feel this way. I am young but I have learned through my experiences that you have to give people a chance and when they show you how they act/respond/feel you need not allow yourself to generalize that individual experience with that person as the standard for people, JUST because they share the same gender.  

I believe that we all have the unifying characteristic of humanity and that when you hold people to different standards based on factors that they have no control over, you are putting them into a box. You are assuming that men act a certain way, women act a certain way, black people act a certain way, and white people act a certain way and they cannot overcome these because they are inherent to their being. This is unfair and problematic because you’re taking away people’s choice. I fully appreciate and understand that there are certain generalizations about men and women especially based on studies and discussions that have cited biological hormones, processes, instincts, and evolution as causes and therefore legitimate reasons for why we should ascribe to them. Unfortunately though these generalizations usually lack the human qualities of individuality, free will, the right to choose and ultimately the opportunity to transcend these factors that you cannot control or change about yourself.

This is a limiting factor for our society and I really hope that it changes because this has been a common reason for so many of the social and political problems that have plagued our history. I thought the book “Think Like A Man, and Act Like A Woman” was a self help book with so many great answers to gain but I’ve now realized my truth. It's jut a carefully marketed way of a man telling a woman that “this is my world and if you learn how to think like ME and understand ME better then you will be successful. Essentially if you work around me, then there will be no issues. Do not expect me as a man to need to understand you or how you think or what I should and should not say to you because I am a man, and ultimately that is my limiting factor and you should get that.” If women and men alike believe that they are prisoners of their genitalia and the color of their skin, then how can they progress? How can they transcend these inherent factors that cannot be changed and level with each other based on the common characteristic of humanity?

I have always tried to hold people accountable and responsible for their actions as individual people. I won’t say that I do not understand that biological factors such as your sex organs, your hormones, your level of melanin pigmentation and instincts can play a cursory or important role, but I thank psychology for allowing me to move beyond that. Psychology has allowed me to have an appreciation for the mind and the ability to not be limited by characteristics that you have no power over. My wish is that people will stop making assumptions and putting people in boxes based on things they have no control over. 

This does not mean that you stop understanding and being aware for one second of these differences though because you have to consider all the possibilities. This does mean though that you give people a chance. You give people the opportunity to be who they are despite their gender, their race, their ethnicity, their socioeconomic status and other static and somewhat static factors. This means that you allow people to show you who they are as individuals. This means that you hold everyone to the same standard and level with them at the level that makes us all equal, being human.

The other side of this is.... why can't I be a WOMAN and think and act like a WOMAN...and still WIN?...stay tuned for that post!

Writer: @YetundeLara 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fashion Industry Fears

  They say the fashion business isn't for everyone. They claim success in fashion for the average person is impossible.  We all define success differently, and the only way to not become successful in fashion is by using someone else's standards as your measuring point " -Lepa Styles 

Being a stylist is a job that I've chosen to do because I love it, I love it to a point where calling it a "job" seems rather ridiculous. Although it's true there are tons of stylist and designers in the world, I don't see this as an excuse to stop what I'm doing. 
Why? Well because,  no one can do what I do, how i do it. it is important to never compare your  gifts and goals to other people. 
Comparison is the thief of joy.

Fashion is all about creating a style that speaks for you and allows you to walk into a room full of confidence! Your style is just that, YOURS! It has nothing to do with anyone else. 
That is why I love fashion, it gives people an outlet to express themselves without having to explain....why. 

Today I want to speak to all the future movers and shakers that will be taking the fashion world by storm.

  Stop being afraid. 

You have so much to offer the world but you haven't allowed yourself to tap into, due to FEAR. 

Just imagine how much you could accomplished if you really sat down and focused on your goals, instead of comparing them to anyone else?

There are so many different aspects of fashion, which creates multiple lanes and opportunities to dabble in when it comes to the fashion industry. 

Within the fashion industry, you have your designers, stylists, creative directors, buyers, marketers, editorial writers, visual merchandisers & even store managers! 

Find your lane, and make it work for you. 

For those of you that  are still confused, on my journey  in the fashion industry, I've learned a couple things:
Step 1: DO YOUR RESEARCH. What you may "think" you know about your future career may actually be false information. You may also find out later down the line that this particular job, is not something you actually want to do. 
Step 2: INTERN, although you may not get paid, you have the privilege and opportunity to work under people who are currently in the position(s) you want to be. This allow you to enhance your skills and be more knowledgeable about your field. Regardless of whether you get a job  through the internship or not, you will b e learning valuable information that you can use at your next internship, career, or even when you go off to start your own business. 
Step 3: STAY UPDATED, It always good to know what blogs, sites, and/or people are currently relevant 
Step 4: MAKE CONNECTIONS, everyone knows that in the fashion industry "who you know" is extremely important.  Making the right connection with a certain photographer or model could definitely launch your career! 
Step 5: GET SEEN & BE INSPIRED Attend events, allow people to start recognizing your face. Not only is it important to become known in your industry, certain events are also a great source of inspiration.  
Step 6: NEVER GIVE UP, You may get turned down from a job numerous times or feel like your work is not good enough. Use that negativity as motivation to be greater. If you truly believe in yourself and work hard for what you want, you will truly reach your goal. Have faith in your talent and work ethic.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beauty is Pain.... But How Much Pain?

They say beauty is pain....but how much pain are you willing to be in for the sake of
"looking good"?  Specially heels. Most women will squeeze their feet in a pair of shoes that is a size too small, or that is poorly constructed...simply because of the visual aesthetics. 

We all have our fair share of foot problems that stem from being bowlegged, pigeon toed,  flat footed, having long toes lol, short toes, wide feet, small feet, etc .....  we all have our share of problems. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

WebMD or MayoHealth can give you a thorough and medically correct overview of actual health issues, so if you have any of these issues or think you might, check them out. I love to wear heels which can be problematic as I am in-toed and I feel like it distributes my weight unevenly on my big toes which puts further stress on my body overall when I wear heels. More specifically after wearing heels for a long period of time, usually for 2 hours or more, other than my feet being uncomfortable, my big toes will actually begin to go numb. It's incredibly unsettling as your trying to have a good time and look cute, especially on the dance floor which is usually when I have this experience because of the prolonged standing in heels 3 or 4 inches high. One particularly unsettling time, my big toes were numb for almost a week, and of course I thought I had to be dying! 

I did some investigation and in short discovered that the numbness is caused by nerve compression. There's a nerve that runs along the side of the big toe and prolonged standing in heels can compress this nerve causing your toe to go numb. This makes sense if you imagine that the elevation of your feet in heels, especially very high heels, can cause the blood in your feet to pool around the toes and your nerves to be compressed in one position. This elevation can cause your feet to swell even in heels that seem to fit fine and this nerve to eventually go numb from the pressure. 

There's a really simple way to avoid these types of issues. Ensure that your shoes properly fit. More importantly as a rule of thumb, if you plan on wearing your heels for long periods of time, it's favorable to buy shoes that are at least a half size or a whole size up to account for the swelling that may occur from wearing your heels for a long time. Below are some other tips that have helped me to prevent foot pain after wearing heels and what to do when you are in pain. 

  • I love a pair of gel inserts from Aldo, Dr. Scholls, or even just your local drugstore i.e. CVS, Walgreen or Rite Aid because they work wonderfully in cushioning my feet making them more comfortable to wear. They also have sticky pads that you can apply to just the balls of your shoes, the heels, your individual toes and it's awesome because no lie I "pimp" out my shoes a la "pimp my ride" so that it feels like I'm walking on a cloud.
  • To avoid, it might be wise to avoid stiletto or heels with a super skinny heel because I just find it hard to believe that it's beneficial to balance all of my weight on a heel so skinny for a long period of time. I opt for wedges or chunkier heels and thankfully with the advent of social media especially, designers from the very expensive to the more frugal side advertise tons of cute and still fashionable styles that don't take away from my "sexy" so to speak. 
  • If you find yourself wearing a particular pair of even your FAVORITE pair of heels or even shoes that constantly makes your feet uncomfortable, it might be the time to look up your local goodwill, organize a clothes swap, and donate these shoes to a new home. If you ca't bear to part with your beloved heels, then consider making pretty cases for your heels to keep them on display or just keep them for sentimental value, but there's no sense in wearing heels that kill your feet because the health of your feet is just as essential to your health as any other part of your body!

Now if you've been stubborn like me and you continue to wear heels that cause you trouble then solicit your beloved partner, friends, or siblings for a lovely foot massage. Thankfully I have several people in my life who will graciously give my tootsies a much needed rub down while they also chastise me for wearing the shoes lol so thank God for them! 

If your feet get numb in your heels for even as long as a week, don't panic. Avoid wearing heels until the discomfort goes away and try to keep as much pressure off of your feet as possible until the sensation comes back by wearing the most comfortable shoes you have. 

If you experience severe discomfort though or pain, numbness, or tingling sensations that last for longer than a week, it may be necessary to consult your physician and see if there may be a more serious issue at hand. There are many people who believe in putting their health at risk for the sake of fashion, and I'll admit for my love of shoes, I will deal with a numb toe once in a while. It's important to be mindful of the fact though that we only have one body and some of the damage you do to your body may not be reversible after a while. The older I get the less stubborn I am and my goal more and more is to try to strike a healthy balance between being fashionable and not harming permanently harming my health. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Two things that come to mind whenever people think about overalls, a FARM & Labor work. 
 Fortunately for us, we've figured out a way to make overalls fashionable for men and women. Where there is fashion there is a way to make old things great!

Overalls are no different than wearing a simple pair of jeans except, they come in a jumper form. The same way you would pair a normal outfit with jeans and a t shirt you can do the same with overalls. 

Add to your look by accessorizing. 
Try a bold necklace or hat to make your outfit really stand out!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Video Pick of The Week

Our favorite video this week, is actually a Music Video...

Well two we could not decide!

   Wale - The Girls On Drugs 

   Janelle Monáe, feat. Jidenna - Yoga