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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sexy & Comfy, Even at That Time Of The Month

Quick Story


So I was in 8th grade when I got my period and of course I didn't know wtf I was doing or what was going on. All I knew was I was bleeding,  like most people I only listened to but much in my required health class. I never knew that so much blood would be leaving my body in one sitting! 
One of the few things I took away from health class, were how and to use pads. 
Being new to the whole period/cycle game I thought my "always pads" would have my back and hold me down by soaking up all the blood. No Biggie right?

Unfortunately I was at lunch one day and while I was standing in line a girl told me I had a stain on my pants. In my head I'm thinking it could not be anything major, probably some pen ink but...boy was I in for a surprise! 

It was period blood. Noticeable blood. Right there, in plain view for everyone to see.

My first thought, WTF. Are you kidding me? 
How did it even get so high? How did I not feel it? Who else can see?
Long story short I had to steal some guys hoodie to wrap around my waste and sat in guidance office for the rest of the day. 

Ever since that day I started doubling my underwear and wore two pads to save myself from and future embarrassment. 

I couldn't risk something like that happening to me again is especially now that I am in my 20's.

Anyway... fast forward to now

As I was taking my daily Instagram stroll 
I came across a period pantie line called Bloom Undergarments.  I was pleasantly shocked.

Other than granny panties (the wide, unappealing panties you would never want anyone to see you)  which some of us consider "period panties", I never knew an actual brand existed.

I wanted to know if they actually worked. All I could think about was my 8th grade experience so it was important I did some investigation.

Here's a little background: 

Bloom Undergarments were created by a young black girl by the name of Ashley West from Baltimore, Md. She's successfully created leak proof, stain resistant, antimicrobial, and breathable underwear made for period protection! 
  • Absorbent triple layered protection to stop leakage & stains in it's tracks. Your period no longer decides what you wear.
  • Moisture management that rapidly moves moisture away from the skin so you stay cool, comfortable and healthy.
  • Powerful antimicrobial technology that tackles and protects against odor causing bacteria, because who likes germs?
  • High quality performance fabric that is softbreathable and offers a comfortable fit.

The overall mission is to provide products, information and education that encourages our girls to flourish confidently into womanhood.

Amazing right? HECK YES, and the great part about it all? The product actually works. I received the "Classic" pantie in red. The packaging was lovely which is important with any brand as well as the stitching of the garment. 
I had my doubts at first but sure enough I felt comfortable wearing the underwear during my period. Not one leak in sight! part is, they don't look half bad either!

Periods are known to be the most disgusting and uncomfortable topic in the world, YET they are the Key to life. Do you realize if a women does not  menstruate she is incapable of reproducing a child. WHICH MEANS, none of us would be here without periods, PERIOD. 

We must stop treating periods as if they are a disease and start embracing them for what they are NORMAL
Be comfortable with being a woman because periods are just one of many obstacles women face.

Before your next period we suggest you shop:

Instragram: @GirlsRockB

Monday, November 23, 2015

Why you get sick, and they don't

I have been sick for the last two weeks and it made me reevaluate my health completely. 
When telling my friends and family about my slight sickness,  all I kept hearing from people was "Wow, I rarely ever get sick". 
Besides this response being annoying, it did raise a couple questions. Unfortunately for me, it seems like I wasn't blessed with a super strong immune system so I started researching what people who never get sick do to stay healthy. 
Ironically enough all of the changes I need to make to become more healthy are things I had no intention of doing....ha. 

Although some people are just naturally blessed, you and I can ward off illness by  following a few simple tips

Starting with....

You have to eat breakfast. I don't eat breakfast and that is one of the main differences between people who are vulnerable to illness and those who are not.  Eating a health breakfast helps keep you energized all day and starting each day correctly is will go a long way to staying healthy all year. Building your immune system is a slow process, it brick by brick. 
Small changes will have lasting affects
In addition to eating breakfast you have to eat regularly every 3-4 hours. But more importantly a healthy balanced diet is so important. I don't eat as well as I should and eating your greens, vegetables, and fruits is such an easy way to boost your immune system naturally. They repair the cells and tissues damaged to fight previous infections, germs and bacteria. 
Sleep!! I have a packed schedule,  and I am famous for living on my 20 minute power naps. 
That also means that I'm more vulnerable to illness. 
This also means, when I do get sick, I am out for two weeks instead of the normal one week.
 Sometimes getting sick is your bodies way of forcing you to slow down and catch up on needed rest. 

People who sleep 7 or more hours are more healthy and less susceptible to illness because  their body has time to repair itself and fight infections. 
This may be ​intuitive to other people, but you have to drink water
 I don't drink enough water and  in the first few days that I began feeling sick it didn't immediately click to me that I need to drink more water. 
Did you know that water is a natural filter and purifier? I drink like a bottle or two a day but you need way more. People who drink more water are constantly replenishing their body with one of the most essential nutrients to life. It's also key in carrying bacteria and infections out before they can do you more harm.  
One of the best natural defenses I've found during all this downtime I've had to get better is to take a shot of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and honey. ACV is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory product that will help you fight infection while it's present and will prevent it from being present. Whether it's taking a shot daily or every two weeks it will do wonders for your health. Honey will soothe a sore throat, sweeten the aftertaste of the ACV and it's the best natural sweetener. 
If you're in a course on antibiotics, you might recognize some of the unsavory side effects also. Antibiotics are the equivalent of wiping your body clean of any bacteria whether good or bad. 

The problem is that all bacteria isn't bad, so even when you're not on antibiotics, it's important to maintain the level of good bacteria in your body by ingesting probiotics. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that can help fight cold, flu, and other infections. You can find them as supplements you can take as a pill or in popular foods such a yogurt brands such as Activia. 
This last tip isn't a joke, and fairly simple. 
Of course I wash my hands, but I will now be doing so with more diligence. 
Germs and bacteria are everywhere and hand sanitizer alone won't do the trick. You need to wash your hands before eating, after eating, before preparing food, after food prep, after you go to the restroom, after you cough, after you sneeze, and pretty much any time you come into contact with your face. Washing your hands can reduce the chance you'll get sick by 15% so don't take a germ free environment for granted. 
It's funny how falling ill usually calls you to action to reevaluate your lifestyle and what led you to the point I was at staring up at the ceiling feeling sorry for myself. 
Truth be told, I'm not invincible and no one is so it is our job to do what we can to stay healthy.

These few tips will not only save you money and time from less doctors visits, but they will also keep you happier. 
Physical health in linked to our emotional well being as well....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I am Thirsty....and Proud

You wake up thinking about a person, but refuse to text them a simple good morning. You leave your 3rd meeting for the day still thinking about them, but still refuse to contact them. 
It's 8pm and one of your favorite shows that they also enjoy is on, but you just stare at your phone and hope that you see their name/number flashing on the screen. 
11pm hits, and still nothing. 

Now it is 2 days later, and nothing has changed, you miss them but do not want to reach out to them. You were the last person to call and/or text and now you believe the ball is now in their court. 
This may be the correct approach when it is a new acquaintance, but what if it is someone you already know and have established some type of communication with? 

Now it is a week later and and you still have not spoken, all because you refuse to put yourself in a situation where there could even be the slightest opportunity for someone to call you "thirsty" or needy. 

All because you are too "cool" to show you care.

This is fine, until this becomes the norm especially in our generation, and that is exactly what has happened.

Now we have 2 people who have mutual interest in each other but because they fear being called needy/thirsty/clingy/emotional etc... they rather just wait until lighting strikes and the other person reaches out to them.

What happens when while you are too busy playing it cool, calm and collected? What happens when  someone who is has no issue expressing their interest or emotion for your person of interest swoops in grabs and keeps their attention. 
What happens when your fear of being called thirsty stops you from obtaining real and true happiness? What happens then? What happens when you miss your chance at something really good, because of fear or insecurity.

What is wrong with  being the one to call? What is wrong with double texting? To a certain extent of course. What is wrong with showing you have interest in a person. Imagine if two people who have real interest in each other continue to play games with each other sooner or later either one will give up or someone who isn't afraid to not play games will sneak in and win them over.

 Are you willing to take that chance? Are you willing  to lose someone you may really care about because of your fear?

I speak from personal experience, sometimes you have to really put yourself out there because we all come from past relationships/situation-ships where certain unhealthy habits were picked up and brought into our current relationship/situation-ship.
 You have to realize  not every man/woman is the same. Just because someone you dealt with in the past didn't make you feel secure enough or refused to show you healthy love, does not mean you need to bring those same fears into the current relationship.  

Another great thing about expressing interest is, it cuts down on wasted time. If you are open with what you want and need from a person while and after getting to know them it is easy for you to decide whether or not this is person you should or should not pursue. The longer you both play games with  each other the longer it takes to find out if you are even compatible with one another. There is nothing worse than wasted time, because you can not get it back. 

Relationships are suppose to teach us, but how can we effectively learn if we are clouded by the games we each play.

In one of my past relationships I played the cool girl, because that is naturally my personality. Hit them up when I wanted but if they didn't contact me, it was slow/quiet. I  left it up to them to communicate and show interest. I wanted them to contact me first. I wanted them to show me how much they wanted me, but what I did not realize was I was dealing with a man. A grown man, a scared man who had only been shown "love" in one particular manner, but a man nonetheless. 

He needed attention. Healthy attention, but attention. He needed me to crave him, he needed me to not only tell him I cared but SHOW IT!  He needed me to pop up places, he needed me to actively pursue him, or at the very least show that the interest was mutual. He would not open up to me and be emotionally available to me until he felt secure in our relationship and trusted that I wanted him in the same manner he wanted me, regardless of how many times I stated it. He wanted me to show it.

Although this may not have been how I operated in my past relationships, it was how he learned to feel secure with a female. it was how he learned to open up and trust the woman he was dealing with. This may not be the way for everyone but as adults it is important to remember we all do not give or receive love and affection the same way and relationships and love are all about compromise.
Either you can find a person that receives love the way you give it or you can learn to compromise and adjust how you operate to make sure the person you want to be with  feels the love you have for them.

The thing many of us fail to realize is the "getting to know" stage takes time and in most cases it results in wasted time. Not because of who the person is, but because of who the person pretends to be. Many of us unconsciously pretend to be calmer, more sane, less needy, etc.. at the start of the relationship then as real feelings progress and both parties have already spend X amount of tie and money on each other our real personalities slowly work their way into to the relationship which shocks and confuses the other person. Shocks and confuses them to the point where they no longer know who they are dealing with, or no longer want to deal with the person who is now portrayed in front of them.
Stop being afraid to show genuine interest. Stop being afraid to let someone know just how much you care....You should be your person of interest biggest fan.... if not, you are giving someone else to opportunity to take what you want. 

What I've realized from my years of dating  and interacting with people on a daily basis is regardless of what anyone says, we all crave attention. Sure, the amount of attention and the type of attention differs person to person but we all crave attention, especially from the people we want and care about. When we don't get that attention we tend to seek it else where.

Don't be the reason your crush/bf/gf/friends goes else where to feel wanted and loved. 
Don't be afraid to be thirsty

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fashion is a revolving door. The return of Bell Bottoms!

As we all know, fashion trends from the past always seem to make a second and even third appearance.

We are now taking a step back into the late 60 and early 70s with the reappearance of the famous bell bottom jeans.

Yes, in 2015... Bell Bottoms are making a come back!

But, Why?

One of the reasons may be because the modern woman has gotten tired of skinny jeans and is ready for something new!

Bell Bottoms have always been a fave of mine for various reasons.

One of which is, they give you a fun hippie look along with an illusion of  an enhanced booty.
Which is always a  plus.

You can rock this look many ways, my favorites tend to be more on the bohemian or chic side. However you decide to rock them, just make sure you do it with confidence.

Confidence is one of the things that helps bring an look fully together.

Now you're probably thinking where the heck will you get bell bottoms in this day and age.
Well, the thrift store will honestly be your best bet, mainly because  outdated clothes are always available all year round. 

Of course if you have no luck at the thrift, online boutiques such as Go Jane and ASOS always have your back when it comes to staying in style!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bye Bye to the Pancake booty...Naturally

In the era of silicone booties and bodacious ba-donka-donks everywhere, it's easy to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with what you have.
If you suffer from lack of booty syndrome, but refuse to go the drastic route by going under the knife....there are still a couple options left!

We are all about doing what makes you happy, if that means getting a bigger butt  do it, as long as your intentions are clear and genuinely just for yourself!
 For those of you who want the bigger booty, but want to stay natural this post is for you!

Time to find your big booty girl within!
No need to fret, you can build some cakes...naturally

The best exercise we can recommend for a nice round butt is squats! Do not underestimate the power of squats! Squats strengthen your glutes (ass), thighs (quads) and abs so the benefits reach further than behind you. 

How do squats work?

How do you squat correctly?

Squat challenge:

​If squat challenge is not enough for you, try some of these quick and easy work-outs!

Love your flat, medium, or big booty because if you don't love yourself first who else will, but if you just want to improve your body there is nothing wrong with that! 
Just do it for the right reasons and  in the safest manner!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

All Black Everything This Fall?..NO! All Color Everything!

Fall and winter always seem to be the months where our wardrobes take a turn for the dark side. 
"All black everything", as some would say, but why? 
Black isn't the only color that looks good in the fall/winter.  Get out of your comfort zone, it is time we drift away from the typical dark colors and get a little bolder, but softer. 

We are dipping into baby blue's, olive greens, and plush pinks to satisfy our fall souls. 

It's no surprise the color wheel has taken a shift. 

It is important to experiment and figure out what currently works for you!

As the weather changes so does your skin tone, therefore you should find colors that will compliment you best because they may have changed from past seasons.

We all have the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, especially when it comes to our style. 
We want to stick to what we have and what we know, but what if it is boring and no longer age or season appropriate? It is time for change. Re-vamp yourself, starting with the colors you choose to wear in the next couple of months. 

Side note, it's also said that color plays an affect on our daily mood. Maybe adding some color into your wardrobe will also add some color into your life..ha!

 Here are some people who aren't scared to dress a little brighter even as the seasons change.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Run?! Why Can't I just walk?

In the spirit of being honest and transparent as writers, we like to invoke our personal and real experiences... so here we go!  I recently started wanting to get back in shape and start running. But as you can see from the title of this post I am not a fan of running.
Normally when I'm asked to run and or even jog, I usually ask if I can walk instead.

 Walking and running are distinctly different activities and although any type of fitness is encouraged, running has great benefits that walking does not. Running stimulates your muscles and strengthens your bones! But with all that being said, I still hate running....and I'll explain why. 

Since I am not an expert, I enlisted the help of my best friend who is somewhat of a track star in a family full of fellow runners. 
She has extensive experience with what to wear, to what to eat and how to build up your stamina so running doesn't feel like hell, so these are some of the tips she pasted on to me.
  1. Drink Water: you might think it's necessary to drink water while you're running and it is, but it's equally as important to prepare for your run by getting hydrated before you run. So in preparation for your run start drinking water at least 6-12 hours prior to the run so you can get the most out of your efforts to hydrate, your body will thank you for it. 
  2. Eat a light snack or meal that is relatively carb heavy, but not so carb heavy that your body spends more time digesting your food while it should be focused on you running. She suggested eating snacks such as oranges, bananas, oatmeal, eggs on bread and eat enough that you're not stuffed, but make sure you're not starving before you run. Skip fiber and too much protein or heavy carbs while you are just starting out. 
  3. Wear breathable clothes that cool while you sweat. Although you don't need to buy the most expensive high tech sneakers, make sure that the shoes you are wearing provide support to prevent injury and promote comfort. 
  4. Running for me is not only a drag, but also boring. If you're not a fan of listening to all the thoughts in your head as you run, bring a friend with you or bring some tunes so you can stay motivated and enjoy the run. You are definitely encouraged to focus on your breathing and listen to your thoughts if running is your alone time, just make sure that you are doing something that tricks you into forgetting you are running.
  5. Although it seems like running is running, it's actually better to run outdoors and preferably on a track that is designed to support your stride and form. If you've ever been on a track, they're spongier than regular streets and roads. The impact from pushing off the ground outdoors will do more to strengthen those vital butt and thigh muscles that will propel you forward. 
  6. Now that you're hydrated, satiated,  wearing the right gear and outside, warm up. Whether it's walking briskly for 5-10 minutes before you break into a run or some jumping jacks to get your heart rate elevated, but make sure the warm up is active. 
  7. Now that you're warmed up, just start running and if at any point you feel winded, start walking and get right back to it. The key here is to run slowly and slowly increase your speed. The point is to become a better runner gradually not right away so take your time. 
  8. Ideally you want to run/jog/walk for at least 30 minutes until you can run for a full 30 minutes. 
  9. Once you've completed the run, end the run with a walk for at least 5 minutes to cool down, lower your heart rate, and steady your breathing. After cooling down, stretch it out to cut down on the amount of soreness you'll naturally feel after running. Stretch your thighs, calves, and your butt and the easiest way is to bend forward and touch your toes. 
  10. Now that you've cooled down and stretched, you can finally eat more carbs and protein and drink even more water to replenish the water you lost while running

I hate running, but it is a vital form of exercise so I'll be following these tips right along with you all!