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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Name: Helena Banks

She is from Richmond, California but is currently living in washington DC. Helana is a 20 year old artist that specializes in visual art. She like to remind people that, "[she] is not only a photographer but a film director as well as a graphic designer."  At such a young age Helena owns a company called "Kreative Khaos" which was founded in 2009.  She also manages two wonderful artist by the names of SiR E.U and Cal Rips. 

 Why did you decide to become an artist?:

"Art has always surrounded me since I was very young, from my mother, my grandmother, and my 2 aunts. I started taking pictures at a young age and I've always loved watching films. Tim burton and Annie Leibovitz are my main inspirations when it comes to the arts. I love the fact that people can see what I see. It's very natural for me. Of course I work hard to achieve the things I have but I can tell that it's what I am meant to do in this life."

Where do you see yourself five years from now?:

"In 5 years I hope to see myself overseas or traveling doing what I love, working with a magazine or building my own. I don't really know exactly where I see my self but I do have goals that I want to accomplish."

What are your plans for 2013?:

"This year I plan on building my business and name up. As well as planning my short films and working with other artists,models,etc. I also working with clothing lines! Just working as hard as I can to get where I need to be."

"I just want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far." - Helena Banks

Contact: twitter- Helenabankskk

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Must Have: THAT Fall Coat!

As much as people like to say "do not judge a book by its cover,"  ask yourself, "Why not?" Before people get to actually know you all they get to see is what you are wearing and what you look like so of course those two things will play a huge role in a persons first impression. Your appearance matters, never let people tell you otherwise. 
As the seasons change so does your wardrobe, and so does your list of "signature pieces". During the fall and winter our east coast readers will be bundling up to stay warm, but hopefully they are making sure they look good doing it! Keep in mind that you should pick a jacket that will actually keep you warm! A jacket hasn't served it's purpose in the fall if it doesn't protect you from the weather conditions. 

 Your jacket will be the first thing people notice this fall. That being said, you must acquire the perfect jacket. Finding the perfect jacket isn't always easy.
 It is important to make sure your signature jacket is something you can wear on a daily basis, but make sure it stands out enough that you are constantly receiving compliments.

What look are you going for this season? Do you want to be the sophisticated old London chap or edgy biker wearing rebel? Or do you want to be both! That's the amazing thing about finding great coats, you can literally change your entire look without having to spend time and money on a whole new outfit. Whatever you decide to choose let it be great. Spend your time looking for pieces that speak to you, because nothing is worse than following a trend and going somewhere where 3 other people have the same jacket as you, that is a huge NO-NO!

It's all about style! 

If you haven't guessed it already, over-sized coats are AMAZING.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Ombre' Hair.

Since 2013, Ombre has become one of the most popular universal styles around. If it's not displayed in the hair of a chic fashionista, it's on a shirt! We've somehow discovered a way to incorporate the ombre effect into to our everyday wardrobe with ease. The great part about this is it's fun and stylish. You have over a million options with the color choice and schemes. The color combinations are endless

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear OMBRE, is hair. Which is reasonable because many females started ombreing their hair over the past year or so. Reason being? It's an exciting way to change your hair, you get a two for 1 color deal! Why dye all of it one color when you can make it a two toned party! You can go even further by adding another layer of color showing the drastic contrast in colors from dark to light!

But of course it doesn't just stop with your hair! Where there is fashion there is away.  Below are some example's of how the Ombre technique has moved from hair salons to designers showrooms.  Everything ombre! There's no limit on how far you can go with this trend. 

You might even find yourself becoming a trendsetter!

Feeling risky? Ready to Ombre your wardrobe? 

Send us pictures of your own ombre looks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hidden Treasures: Frank Ramz- "Bad To The Bone"

Although this is an old track that was released about an year ago, it is never too late to hear good music. In a time where artists are polluting the culture with nothing but club bangers with no real  content , it is amazing to hear an artist that has the ability to make GOOD MUSIC that still has real substance. If you listen closely you will hear the lyricism embedded in each verse. If you like what you hear make sure you check out some of his other work!

Artist: Frank Ramz

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have the Audacity.

Sometimes you need to pull up your big boy and big girl pants and do/say what you want, while making no excuses. At what point in our lives do we stop looking for approval. At what point do we not allow fear to stop us from walking in your greatness. In order to really achieve greatness in this world you have to step on a few toes, you have to let people know that YES you said and did what you just said and did. You have to have the audacity to be great. There comes a point where we have done everything except what we are suppose to do. At some point we have to take risks.

Audacity: The willingness to take bold risk.

When was the last time you had the audacity to do something? When was the last time you had the audacity to say exactly what you are thinking.
The world we live in, the most valuable thing is time. Time is valuable because you can never get more it. You cannot buy time, you cannot borrow time, you cannot create time. Time is something that has the most value in the exact moment that it is being experienced. This being said, are you using your time to wisely? Are you making the most of your time?  If not, what is stopping you? What is stopping you from having the Audacity to change your life?
Make it a decision to no longer allow fear to stop you. Do not allow contentment and comfort be the reason you do not achieve or even pursue your dreams.  Once you learn to have the audacity to follow your dreams, taking risks will become natural to you.  Nothing great in life happens without taking some sort of risk. Nothing amazing will happen without taking a leap of faith.

I will be happy and successful
 I will impact as many people as possible
I will chase my dreams without fear
 I will not allow fear to stop me in my tracks

My life will continue to progress

Monday, October 13, 2014

Outfit Doppelganger, Adding your personal Touch!

There are a few things worse than showing up to an event and seeing someone wearing the same exact outfit as you. 
Luckily for us, designers have been making the necessary adjustments to make sure this rarely happens, by specific customization of their designs. 

For those of you whose wardrobe consists of majority "mall" pieces, it is important that you make it your goal to customize your outfits yourself! You never want to run the risk of dressing like anyone else, or worse being out dressed by someone with the same outfit.

Below are some examples of how people have made trendy pieces their own!

How you personally wear your accessories;bag, shoe, blouse, jewelry, important because it's your personal statement. 
Who is to say that the next person walking down the street won't have one the same thing, you never know! Don't just copy an outfit right out of a magazine. Bring excitement to your outfits by adding YOUR OWN twist. 

Once you've developed your own style, it becomes a lot easier to make add your spin to things. 

Two people can be given the same exact pieces of clothing and you make end up with 4 different styles. Style is unique to each person, create your own!

Take notes friends:

Sometimes accessorizing makes a huge difference!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maybe your Gift is to help someone else with their Gift.

It feels good knowing you are working towards something that was meant for you and only you. The problem is finding out what that vision is.

Sometimes we get so distracted with following other people’s goals and visions that we forget about our own. We question what everyone else is doing, and forget about what we should be doing. BUT THAT IS THE THING. 

Sometimes a person’s role on this earth is to help other people achieve their goals. Maybe their destiny is to be a great consultant/curator/advisor etc… Some people are naturally better at certain things than other people. Some people have so much wisdom to pour into others, and that is their role to play in the grand scheme of things. Never allow people to make your gift, whatever it is seem small. There is a difference between small and insignificant.

Think about it, the greats wouldn’t be the greats without having people around them that saw their potential and helped them along the way. Just because you are not in the spotlight, this doesn't mean that your light shines any less. We were all put on this earth for something, it’s your job, and no actually it’s your responsibility to find out your gift. It’s your responsibility to find out what you are naturally just good at, and to thrive at it. Center in on your gifts and talents and make them work for you.

We often like to compare our gifts and visions with other people, and that’s the best way to fail. Keep your eyes on your work; go where you are celebrated. Go where you are needed. Help those you can help, because trust me if you help enough people get where they want to be, you'll get where you need to be.

Are you good at listening to people, maybe you are meant to be a psychologist. Are you good at helping people sort their thoughts, maybe you were meant to be an advisor. Are you good at creating and executing creative projects, maybe you are meant to be curator. 

Whatever it is that you naturally enjoy doing and do well, that may-be your calling. 

The key is to not be afraid to walk in your greatness. You cannot be afraid to take that leap of faith and do something out the norm. Find your natural gifts and talents and RUN with it!