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Friday, April 24, 2015

Beauty is Pain.... But How Much Pain?

They say beauty is pain....but how much pain are you willing to be in for the sake of
"looking good"?  Specially heels. Most women will squeeze their feet in a pair of shoes that is a size too small, or that is poorly constructed...simply because of the visual aesthetics. 

We all have our fair share of foot problems that stem from being bowlegged, pigeon toed,  flat footed, having long toes lol, short toes, wide feet, small feet, etc .....  we all have our share of problems. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

WebMD or MayoHealth can give you a thorough and medically correct overview of actual health issues, so if you have any of these issues or think you might, check them out. I love to wear heels which can be problematic as I am in-toed and I feel like it distributes my weight unevenly on my big toes which puts further stress on my body overall when I wear heels. More specifically after wearing heels for a long period of time, usually for 2 hours or more, other than my feet being uncomfortable, my big toes will actually begin to go numb. It's incredibly unsettling as your trying to have a good time and look cute, especially on the dance floor which is usually when I have this experience because of the prolonged standing in heels 3 or 4 inches high. One particularly unsettling time, my big toes were numb for almost a week, and of course I thought I had to be dying! 

I did some investigation and in short discovered that the numbness is caused by nerve compression. There's a nerve that runs along the side of the big toe and prolonged standing in heels can compress this nerve causing your toe to go numb. This makes sense if you imagine that the elevation of your feet in heels, especially very high heels, can cause the blood in your feet to pool around the toes and your nerves to be compressed in one position. This elevation can cause your feet to swell even in heels that seem to fit fine and this nerve to eventually go numb from the pressure. 

There's a really simple way to avoid these types of issues. Ensure that your shoes properly fit. More importantly as a rule of thumb, if you plan on wearing your heels for long periods of time, it's favorable to buy shoes that are at least a half size or a whole size up to account for the swelling that may occur from wearing your heels for a long time. Below are some other tips that have helped me to prevent foot pain after wearing heels and what to do when you are in pain. 

  • I love a pair of gel inserts from Aldo, Dr. Scholls, or even just your local drugstore i.e. CVS, Walgreen or Rite Aid because they work wonderfully in cushioning my feet making them more comfortable to wear. They also have sticky pads that you can apply to just the balls of your shoes, the heels, your individual toes and it's awesome because no lie I "pimp" out my shoes a la "pimp my ride" so that it feels like I'm walking on a cloud.
  • To avoid, it might be wise to avoid stiletto or heels with a super skinny heel because I just find it hard to believe that it's beneficial to balance all of my weight on a heel so skinny for a long period of time. I opt for wedges or chunkier heels and thankfully with the advent of social media especially, designers from the very expensive to the more frugal side advertise tons of cute and still fashionable styles that don't take away from my "sexy" so to speak. 
  • If you find yourself wearing a particular pair of even your FAVORITE pair of heels or even shoes that constantly makes your feet uncomfortable, it might be the time to look up your local goodwill, organize a clothes swap, and donate these shoes to a new home. If you ca't bear to part with your beloved heels, then consider making pretty cases for your heels to keep them on display or just keep them for sentimental value, but there's no sense in wearing heels that kill your feet because the health of your feet is just as essential to your health as any other part of your body!

Now if you've been stubborn like me and you continue to wear heels that cause you trouble then solicit your beloved partner, friends, or siblings for a lovely foot massage. Thankfully I have several people in my life who will graciously give my tootsies a much needed rub down while they also chastise me for wearing the shoes lol so thank God for them! 

If your feet get numb in your heels for even as long as a week, don't panic. Avoid wearing heels until the discomfort goes away and try to keep as much pressure off of your feet as possible until the sensation comes back by wearing the most comfortable shoes you have. 

If you experience severe discomfort though or pain, numbness, or tingling sensations that last for longer than a week, it may be necessary to consult your physician and see if there may be a more serious issue at hand. There are many people who believe in putting their health at risk for the sake of fashion, and I'll admit for my love of shoes, I will deal with a numb toe once in a while. It's important to be mindful of the fact though that we only have one body and some of the damage you do to your body may not be reversible after a while. The older I get the less stubborn I am and my goal more and more is to try to strike a healthy balance between being fashionable and not harming permanently harming my health. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Two things that come to mind whenever people think about overalls, a FARM & Labor work. 
 Fortunately for us, we've figured out a way to make overalls fashionable for men and women. Where there is fashion there is a way to make old things great!

Overalls are no different than wearing a simple pair of jeans except, they come in a jumper form. The same way you would pair a normal outfit with jeans and a t shirt you can do the same with overalls. 

Add to your look by accessorizing. 
Try a bold necklace or hat to make your outfit really stand out!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Video Pick of The Week

Our favorite video this week, is actually a Music Video...

Well two we could not decide!

   Wale - The Girls On Drugs 

   Janelle Monáe, feat. Jidenna - Yoga

Stylish, while being Comfortable

If you haven't noticed, wearing sneakers with dresses and/or skirts has become a  fashion trend, that many people have decided to partake in. Unusual for fashion,  this trends was created based on the need for comfort. As  the years pass, it is important  for people to see the evolution, of fashion. 
For years, it has only been "acceptable" for women to wear heels with their dresses,or skirts. Nothing else seemed to look right or compliment a dress better than a pair of high heels. 

Well...until now.

While some people can pull this off with ease, other are still  a little skeptical...simply because they do not know how to make it work for them or they are too stuck in their own ways. 

One of the reasons people may not want to throw on a pair of sneakers with their favorite dress is the fear that the dress will become downplayed, and no one wants to wear their favorite dress just to look....average. 

For this reason, you must be careful and know when its appropriate to sport this trend. 

Our advice is simple. 

Do what you want, just make sure if u decide to throw on sneakers.. make sure they are at least clean! 

For those of you who like to make statements and are daring. If you decide you don't feel like wearing heels to your next gala or party, grab a pair sneakers and try something new!

7 out of 10 guys genuinely don't like wearing dress shoes unless its mandatory. Therefore, the same rule applies for men and suits.

It's always exciting to see people go against the grain!
Share some of you're awesome outfits with us.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Redefining Fun

Do some of you find yourselves partied OUT?

 The rush to get older and "experience life" can be hastened by strict parents, the desire to just have more "adult" fun, or a genuine love of partying and club hopping. There's nothing wrong with the club scene at all, but the old adage "seen one, seen em all" kind of applies here for many clubs. I can admit I love myself a good old time in a popular club with the speakers blasting and people dancing while enjoying themselves but,'s gotten a bit old and it's made me redefine what "fun" is for me and those around me. No matter how old you are,in my opinion, diversifying most aspects of your life is appropriate and necessary! Variety really is the spice of life! 
So in my efforts to redefine what fun is, aside from your run of the mill bowling, movies, and pool I've come up with some fun ideas that I've actually done and loved! 

If you've never thought about going to a wine tasting I highly recommend it! Wine tastings have taken on a more conventional and approachable experience with the advent of your Groupon, LivingSocial, and Travelzoo like websites that advertise them weekly! They vary in price from $10-$40+ and come in all different formats. I've gone on a wine tasting date as a duo and with a car full of my girls, that was also hosting a Caribbean festival which was an experience in itself. Besides being able to have a more intimate experience or go in a group, admission to a wine tasting customarily comes with a ticket or wrist band that grants you free license to taste selected wines or if you're lucky, all of them! Access to the wine tasting can also afford you discounts on the wines and especially exclusive fine wines that may not be available in stores. So you can fish out the kind of wine tasting that would best suit you from a festival to a classy stroll through the vineyard enjoying wine and cheese. 

Who can turn down wine....ha!

Next is a silly, but interesting idea I came up with to "challenge" by palette called "around the world in 50 restaurants." The idea is an ode to the 1873 story and 2004 movie, Around the World in 80 Days, and the premise is hopefully what you're thinking: experiencing 50 different cultures/countries by eating at a different restaurant from 50 cultures/countries! Sometimes you don't have the funds to travel and explore the world, but thank God for globalization and imagination because you can still get an amazing representation of some of the best features of a culture or country through its cuisine. I made a list of types of foods I wanted to try from different places and looked up different cultural restaurants and I made a list. Next came the fun part; planning dates, be it with my girl friends or a romantic date, to experience a taste of the world with me. It wasn't exclusive to my city or state either because I would really take the opportunity to try something different if I happened to actually be on vacation. I've had a fantastic swordfish steak at a Greek Restaurant, Retsina and Moussaka in the UK, an authentic Chinese dinner in China Town at Pearl Harbourfront in Toronoto, CA, and some yummy French crepes at Sofi's Crepes in Baltimore, MD. It can be as many or as few restaurants as you want it to be. 
Have fun planning solo or duo dates to try as many different cuisines as you can! If you try this avenue, please let us know how it goes!

If wine or food is not your thing, try new games! I'm not judging, but you may have been slightly deprived if you haven't had just one experience testing out your detective skills and playing Clue! Clue is a crime themed game where the players determine the perpetrator of a crime with clues in the game. That's an overly simplified explanation, but nonetheless the point is to figure out "who did it". The best part about the game is that some genius somewhere decided to bring Clue to life and have the first crime themed dinner where guests enjoy 3-4 course meal while trying to determine who killed Major Daniels in the foyer with the candlestick lol! It's a fun twist on dinner and it's actually quite fun. A quick google search can lead you to where your local crime dinner is being held or you can check out LivingSocial or Groupon to find the the most inexpensive route.

This next idea is similar to the crime dinner, but it's a comedy show at a comedy club preferably that has a full dinner menu. Like most people, I love a good laugh and with the help of a 2 drink minimum, some good friends or a date with good humor your night willl be one for the books. I've done comedy clubs with my girls and a date and you typically have the choice to choose a night where you're familiar with a comedian/comedienne who already make you laugh or you can give a newbie a chance and at the worst enjoy your drinks. I've had great experiences though whether I knew the act or not because they really do put a lot of effort into engaging their audience. If you are the uptight type, getting a few drinks in your system does wonders! 

My last suggestion is one of  the newest experience  I have indulged in; drinking and painting. In my case, I am normally drinking wine! I know you're sensing a common theme here, wine does make things just that much more fun especially if you're old enough to drink responsibly and legally. I have never fancied myself to be of the artistic sort, but I was able to create a masterpiece.....well actually we all pretty much were in the class because the instructors do their jobs very well. Armed with your glass of wine and all the tools you could need that come courtesy of your class admission fee, the instructors guide you through the painting process. 
From your first stroke to the very last. Yet again this activity can be done with your beau or with a group of friends. Although you may not consider yourself artistically inclined you may just surprise yourself. 

Whatever you normally do for fun, step outside of your comfort zone. Try something new,  there is noting more boring that constantly doing the same thing over and over again. It is important to open yourself to new experience, which help create new memories. 
If you have other ideas of things to do for fun, send them in to!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Are Varsity Jackets making a come back?

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to join the varsity team! This season we are being bombarded with a variety  of new trends and fashions, but let's not forget about classics. One in particular, Varsity jackets.

 We can all recall watching old 80s movies and seeing how only the "cool" and "popular" jocks and cheerleaders wore them. 

Fast FWD to the 90's where we were introduced to wearing varsity jackets became a fashion statement. 

Now in 2015 everyone from a 5 year old to a 50 year old can be caught in their favorite varsity. 

Pick a flavor! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

We're bringing #VIBES to Pittsburgh,PA!

DivisionELITE and Realistic Overdose present an evening of arts, culture, and networking. everything is LIVE and UNCUT!

Come enjoy: -LIVE body painting -LIVE art -LIVE music -LIVE spoken word -LIVE forum -Positive vibes, positive people, wine, and horderves.

Special Performances by:
And Others....

This is a networking opportunity you DON'T WANT TO MISS!



We ask that you arrive on time and ready for an experience!

If you have any questions concerning this event, feel free to contact Chantel Peterson @ 412.916.0311