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Realistic Overdose presents: Polaroid Theme Party

                       presents: "Polaroid Theme Party"  Saturday May 28th, from 7-12am @siplounge DC 

$10 Entry with EARLY RSVP ! The link to RSVP is listed below 

Come Drink, Mingle, and experience something new & ORIGINAL, while  capturing it all on Polaroids!

 Sounds by @dylanthegypsy & @1hunnnit 

      Dressing as one of the three themes is optional but the more in character you are the Better!



The Importance of feeling sexy. 4 Simple Tips!

It's a known fact that when you look good, you feel good.
Feeling good is an important aspect of our lives. The lack of confidence can and will affect you personally, financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
Often times we find women who are not satisfied with the way they look and their negative  perceptions of themselves outweigh the positive.
It's important to feel sexy, it is important to smile when you look at yourself!

That feeling alone builds confidence, character and encourages a positive approach towards life in general.

There's nothing wrong with going the extra mile and taking the necessary steps to help you feel better about yourself.

Here are few tips we think will help

Dress up: 

If you're use to always being the "plan Jane'" of the group, dress up! Step away from what you would typically wear and put on something that shapes your body, is eye grabbing and outside of your comfort zone. Putting on a pair of heels is always a cheat code to feeling sexy. Every woman should own a pair of black heels that they can throw on with their favorite dress or jeans. Heels are able to turn the simplest jean and T-shirt outfit into an the perfect dinner and movie outfit.

Working out plays a major role in your overall wellness. When you keep your body healthy and active you will have a better attitude,  while your body rewards you by being in tip top shape.

The company you keep:
If you find you are  always in competition with your "friends" about who looks better or gets the most attention. It's time for some new friends. Real friends will always make you feel good about yourself even on your worst day. Surround yourself with people who are constantly making  you feel good. Stay away from people who make you question your worth.

Self love:
You have to genuinely be able to tell yourself "You are the sh*t"  and actually believe it ! Everyone was created special so embrace who you are! Find out what your favorite quality  or best asset is, and focus on that. focus on everything you love about yourself.


Landed the Interview....Now What?

So you finally land that interview for that job you’ve been after for months. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back you’ve made it through the initial stage. But before you go out and celebrate realize you still don’t have that job yet. I can't tell you how many time I’ve seen people  jump the gun only to be stopped right in their tracks due to lack of preparation, thus giving a lukewarm interview.  
An interview is an employer saying we want to meet you in person, nothing more nothing less. While you did make it to this phase you must realize there are probably a considerable amount of people competing for that exact position.

Before you run into an office to 30 plus minutes convincing a company rep that you are the ideal candidate it may be in your best interest to learn a minor detail or two about the company.  With websites such as LinkedIn you may even take it a step further and research the individuals who will be interviewing you. After all you are interview with a living human, and during the course of this interview you should  try and establish a rapport with the other individual. 
Prior research will aide you tremendously as it may give you a point of reference to engage in professional conversation as it relates to the potential job.

As a former hiring manager nothing was worse than a stale, uptight, almost robotic individual who answered every question as if it were directly from a company-training manual. While you should keep it professional at all times it’s definitely okay to engage in general conversation. 
For example, you may see some type of memorabilia in their office, make small about it. 9 times out of 10 they will answer and engage with you creating less tension and good vibes between you all. However please remember you are at an interview and don’t turn conversation in any direction that can be seen as inappropriate. 

There are interviewers out there (me at one time) who will try to get you extremely comfortable simply to see your level of professionalism and figure out your real motivations for showing up to the interview.

You should really put a lot of thought in your clothing choice depending on your career. While wearing the standard black slacks with a white dress shirt and solid colored tie is a common practice for many interviews in corporate America, some careers may require you to step your clothing game up. 

A friend of mine a few years back went for a position with TRBJ designing clothes. Before going she took existing jeans she owned tailored, distressed, and gave her own spin on. She wore them and took a few other samples of her work. The interviewer was extremely impressed with her work, but she didn’t get the job. However, a few months later she got a call from a boutique in LA and was offered a position as a seamstress paying more than the position with TRBJ. When she asked how they knew about her it turned the interviewer was best friends with the owner of the boutique.  While that’s not a typical scenario, the point is she put a lot of thought and preparation into her clothing choice and it paid off nicely.

Remember as a young professional you are always selling yourself. 
A great deal of thought and emphasis should be placed into your appearance, professionalism, and clients (potential employers).  Remember to never sweat though! You’ve got what it takes to stand out above the crowd!  Stay prayerful.
If they don’t want you, learn from the experience and keep  going. A "no" will not kill you




Music Monday: Algee Smith

All the way from Saginaw, MI this week’s music Monday showcases the multifaceted Algee Smith. 

Smith has been featured in various acting roles on television networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon and most recently Lifetime’s award winning drama series Army Wives. The 21-year-old multi-talented musician is a combination of r&b and hip-hop. His music gives you a genuinely fun, carefree vibe with tracks covering a variety of subject matter from relationships with various women to the constant work needed to make his aspirations a reality. 
The track Pursuing is an uptempo beat on which Smith harmonizes as he is captivated by the hypnotizing beauty of a gorgeous woman. 

In the latest track Grinding produced by Go Grizz from his upcoming EP, The Art of Attraction Smith show off his rap skills. 
What are your thoughts?
 The Art of Attraction has no set release date. Listen Below. 


Why hasn't he called back?

So you met a Man, in your mind you guys hit it off immediately...

You start thinking about all the possibilities.

Seems like love at first sight...? so why hasn’t he called you back?

 Before we go any further, ask yourself how long has it been since you and your "new man" have talked?

Now ladies if the answer to this question is a "few minutes, hours or days the absolute first thing you need to do is RELAX. 
Take a deep breath and chill. 
You have to realize that men are humans, meaning they have lives that exist outside of you and outside of their phones.

 Some of us have careers, school, and/or children that we were dealing with before you even came into the picture.
The best thing to do is sit and be patient.

Please under no circumstances do you go into panic mode.
 I’ve seen women concoct the most ridiculous far fetched scenarios as to why a man has not called or called back.
Now if it has been more than a week and he still has not returned your call, there may be a few reasons why.
Keep in mind these are all coming from a man who has not returned a few phone calls himself, so I have a little experience in this arena.

Not interested. 

Yes, I said not interested. I’ve found that many women aren’t quite able to come to terms with this idea. It is very possible that during the initial interaction he decided not to pursue you any further.
It's simply a fact of life that not everyone will be interested. 

Regardless of how cute, smart, fashionable, spiritual, freaky, etc.. you are there is a chance that someone is just NOT interested.

Also keep in mind that just because he is not interested that does not automatically mean there is something wrong with you. 
It may be something in him that does not want to take your initial conversation any further.
Believe it or not there are certain people that are just better off as friends or even just associates.

He already got what he wanted!

The typical hit and run. 
Ladies sometimes these attractions are just physical. There are some of us that will do anything and I do mean ANYTHING (that’s another post lol) to achieve this goal. If after a few good poundings you notice the calls or texts slows or stops all together you are left puzzled and confused. 

The chances are you allowed yourself to be used, and then tossed to the side.
Stop beating your self up sweetheart. The fact of the matter is. he just wanted sex, he got it,  and kept it moving.

 Don’t take it personal, reflect, take mental not and recognize the signs so that next time you can either make sure it does not happen again or at the very least you are aware of and/or comfortable with what's going on.

Unable to Effectively Communicate

There are those males who simply don’t know how to have a decent conversation, let alone relationship due to  their past and learned habits. There can often be a grey area between these and the hit and run scenarios. One major difference is the nature of these relationships will be longer lasting and more emotionally involved. 

These will often seem promising damn near perfect but sooner or later they lead you crashing straight into a brick wall. 

He is actually doing you a favor in this scenario because if continued, not only will their emotional baggage become yours but you may even begin blaming yourself for something that was caused before you came into the picture.

Ladies remember it's nothing personal in any of these situations. 
 Once you meet the right one, which most of you will, none of these past situations will even matter.



It's Not About Being Real, It's About Being Honest

Everyone's favorite word, and also one of most misused words. The word "Real". It seems as if you can't log on to any social media platform, without seeing or hearing someone refer to how "real" they are regardless of it is the truth or not. 
Being "real" has turned into a badge of honor, that most people do not deserve.  
People self appoint themselves the "realest" without approval or even a head nod from anyone else. 

If it's one thing that I have learned is "real recognizes real", if a person is as real as they claim to be, it's normally other people mentioning it instead of them shouting it at the top of their tongues or the tip of their twitter fingers... ha. 

Another observation that I have made regarding being " real" is in most cases everyone has their own definition of what being real actually means. Like every other word in the English dictionary, there is Webster’s meaning, and then there is societies definition, often referred to the colloquialism definition of the word.

The dictionary defines “Real” as
Adjective1.True; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent:The real reason for an act.2.Existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, a story taken from real life.3.being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary:The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up.4.being actually such; not merely so-called:a real victory.5.genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic:a real antique; a real diamond; real silk.6.unfeigned or sincere:real sympathy; a real friend.
Plain and simple, “Real” means to be Genuine and Factual regardless of your emotions, opinions, or other underlining circumstances.

This is the issue with the word “Real”, what it actually means and how we define it are not one in the same.  After multiple conversations and various observations instead of using the word “real’ more suited word we should be using is HONEST!

How many of you who consider yourself “Real” can also in the same breath call yourselves Honest?

That is what we want to focus on, HONESTY. 
We need more HONEST people and less “real” people because at the end of the day being “real” is subjective and depends on your individual characteristics, values, upbringing etc. 
On the other hand being Honest is plain black and white, being honest simply means telling the truth.  Being of fact and it is not opinion or emotion based.

What I’ve noticed is that many people are unable to be HONEST, with themselves or with other people. They either bend the truth or flat out lie abut what’s going on, what they have said, or what they have done. When confronted with the truth they either disregard it or try and manipulate it to fit what they would like for the truth to be.

Regardless of how you may feel, the truth is the truth. Emotions out of it, you cannot be upset with a person for telling you the truth.  There are many people who are surrounded by people who cannot or just will not tell them the truth. Either out of fear of their reaction fear of losing them, or malice. There are people who will deliberately hide the truth from you in order to manipulate you or a situation. These people are not “Real” and they are definitely not honest.

In the society we are in, we have strayed farther and farther away from honest and genuine behavior.
For whatever  reason people are not  comfortable being honest with themselves, and others. 
I've heard that at times we withhold the truth from people out of love. Although this sounds nice, but the reality of it is, it is a cop out. I
t is an excuse. 7/10 people do not withhold the truth from you out of love, but out of fear of your reaction. 
Do not allow people to manipulate you into thinking they lied to you for your benefit.

Genuine and brutal honesty is something a lot of people ask for, but very few are willing to give it to others or even handle it. When was the last time you asked someone to tell you the truth, but you did not agree or even like it. Recently? That seems to be the case with many people. 

Do not be afraid to be honest  with others, and do not be afraid to receive honesty! 

Wouldn't you rather be upset with a person over the truth then on "good" terms with them because of a lie? 

In terms of relationships,  it is always better to have open communication and complete honesty with your intimate partner, friend, or business associate. 
Although the truth may sting in the beginning, if it is told with good intention and delivered in a considerate manner most people will be able to not only respect it, but appreciate it. 

In a world where lies are being told from every angle it is always refreshing to be about people who are truthful and honest. 

Do not be REAL be HONEST 


Good-Bye Snapback and Fitted Hats. Hello Baseball Caps.

In all honesty, I didn't notice how popular baseball caps were becoming until Bryson Tiller and his new fanbase made it so apparent. I've never seen the guy make an appearance without having one on and although it was probably unintentional he made a clear fashion statement that his  fans decided to take and run with.
Baseball caps are not something new, but the way they are being included as part as everyday outfits by both sex's is defiantly a new trend....

From wearing them on a bad hair day, to pairing them with your favorite dress.... baseball hats, especially those with catchy phrases and visually appealing pictures are  now seen everywhere on everyone! 

 In the past, in terms of hats Snapbacks and fitted hats have always been the top contenders for as long as I can remember, even when people looked ridiculous in them; specifically women.
Snapback's and fitted always seem to look so bulky, so we are more than happy to see baseball caps joining the hat race.

 Am I giving Bryson credit for this trend? Eh- partially, but needless to say the people have figured out their way into making ball caps fashionable. 

Women have become very good with  baseball fashion statement.
We know that  these types of caps  were normally only worn by men on the field, but times have changed! Women are making ball caps sexy and stylish.
You can throw a ball cap on with pretty much any everyday look.  If you feel like making an exaggerated outfit look more simple or effortless, throwing on a baseball cap is a perfect addition!
 You have options.