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Thursday, July 23, 2015

"A Melanated Afternoon" Styled by Lepa

Dress: Calvin Klein
Photographer: Raat_Fashion
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Friday, July 17, 2015

No need to hit the Spa, Walk right into your Kitchen!

Want to relax and look good, you have to go to the SPA right? 


You may or may not be surprised but with the right knowledge and application, of some of your favorites foods, spices and flavors you can skip the spa and increase your pockets.

Let us get right to it! 
If you have really dry skin or random breakouts, we highly recommend this honey oatmeal mask:
Grab a handful of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of honey & some water and mix together until it's formed a paste. 
Once it's relatively thick & paste like, apply it to your face evenly in small circles. Once you're done continue on with painting your nails or washing the dishes. I like to leave this mask on for 30 mins and wash it off with water as warm as you can stand it. Then I splash my face with cold water to close my pores and my skin is always glowing after.

Exfoliation is a way of life
One of the keys to looking younger is beautiful radiant skin which is supported by getting dead dry skin cells off of the surface of your skin. 
I use brown sugar in place of white sugar, but either one works. In a small bowl I put 2 tablespoons of brown sugar into a 1/2 cup of shower gel and off to the shower I go. 
I rub the shower gel/sugar scrub mix into my skin with just my hands even though you can use your loofah or sponge and my skin is so smooth all over after a sugar scrub treatment. You can do this as often as you like and if your lips are dry and cracked you can also use sugar to soften them. Apply a nice layer of chapstick, sprinkle some sugar on your lips and rub them together. Wipe your lips off to reveal your newly smooth puckers. 

If you have thin lips or you'd just like to add some more natural oomph to your pucker, don't even bother with the #kyliejennerchallenge. A dash/pinch of cinnamon in your lip gloss of choice or on your lips after applying your lipstick/gloss will safely & naturally plump your lips. So cinnamon is good for more than  just your morning oatmeal.


When your hair is dry, damaged and more or less just generally lifeless it's time to call out the big dogs and head to.your fridge. If you don't already invest in some mayonnaise for one of the best at home deep conditions your hair will ever experience. Mayonnaise is extremely nourishing because of the protein content and I also like to add a teaspoon of one or more essential oils such as avocado or.olive oil for extra conditioning. Apply this to just the ends of your hair or all over your hair, put a shower cap on or a bag and let it do its thing. Don't be alarmed if it's so warm that you find relatively solid white pieces in your hair. It will alarm wash out and your hair will be so shiny and soft afterwards, the grossness of mayonnaise in your hair will be all worth it.

The last tip is for the happy hour spa treatment lovers because it is a happy hour hair treatment. For this you'll need at least two bottles of beer. Open one bottle of beer (preferably a beer that is high in hops such as your Indian pale ales) and let it sit out on the counter for 1-2 hours so it's relatively flat. While you wait for it open the other beer and have a drink. After waiting, wash or co-wash your hair and rinse. Apply the beer to your hair whether your put it in a spray bottle and spray it on from roots to tips or pour it on. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse it out thoroughly. Conditioning after is a good option to avoid smelling like beer. Beer rinses are fantastic for achieving high shine and are especially good for curly girls in improving elasticity.

Hopefully these beauty finds have pleasantly surprised you and you feel ready to pamper yourself like you deserve. Granted you might smell like you came from happy hour or especially honey sweet, your lips will be full and plump, skin smooth and clear, & hair shiny and bouncy. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Music Choice of The Week: Ibeyi "River"

If you follow our music posts, you know  that we normally focus on on unheard and unseen artists, and give them a chance shine, today is a little different. One of our readers saw and heard 
Ava Hovanka's music on this post  and sent us some music they thought we would enjoy. 

They were right! 
Pairs born and Havana raised sisters formed the group, Ideyi and their most recognizable song is "River". This song is definitely different from what we normally listen to but it has definitely peeked our  interest and I will be searching for more of their music!

Although their music is different, it is goods! 

Not only did we enjoy the music, the video is something we have not seen before, very simplistic but attention grabbing. If you are a fellow creative you can appreciate really good music, and really thought out visuals. 

Check it out for yourself! Thoughts?
Ibeyi - River

Ibeyi’s debut album. iTunes:

Directed by Ed Morris

 Ibey is a French-Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. Their music is sung in both in English and  Yoroba (Nigerian language)   Lisa plays the piano and is the lead vocal singer while  Naomi plays traditional Peuvian/Cuban percussion instruments cajun and Batá drum.

More Music...

Quick and Easy Energy Boosters

It doesn't seem to matter what season it is, we can all identify with feeling groggy and devoid of energy. 
Especially lately in this summer sun, even simple tasks feel like exhausting tasks. 
We love to share real life tips to get you through the day so here are some energy boosting activities and foods that can help you re-energize.

Hydration is key!
Don't underestimate your human need for good ol' H20, because we are over 75% water which naturally means that if you don't consume enough water, you might actually feel it as a lack of energy. Water fuels so many important bodily processes including energy production, so drink up.

Get your blood flowing!
When you're tired the LAST thing you probably want to do is exercise, but you'd be surprised how much energy you will have after even just light exercise. Exercise gets your heart pumping blood to all your body parts from your toes to the top of your head. Everything will instantly perk up and you will feel more awake and alert. This is why many people start their day off with a trip to the gym, it helps create and maintain enough energy for the rest of the day.

You are what you eat!
You've heard it all your life; eat a healthy well balanced diet. You've heard it all your life because it is essential to feeling good. Heavy foods and fast food taste delicious but cause your body to store fat which slows you down and to release a hormone that causes a stare of tiredness also affectionately known as the "itis". The itis is real and you can avoid it by eating your fruits and vegetables! 
They have essential vitamins and sugars that your body uses to make energy so switch up your diet if you're feeling groggy.

Caffeine is contained in more than just coffee and although coffee is an option, there are other healthy options. Switch coffee for green tea and whether you like it hot or cold you can get your energy boost without resorting to energy drinks and coffee.


Your body needs time to rest so if you're feeling like you have no energies and you're always running around, relax. You have to give your body a break to get your energy back so make sure you're getting your rest. If you are constantly on the move your body does not have time to regroup and refuel, sooner or later you will drain yourself out.

Hopefully some of these tips can have you powered up and ready to take life by the balls again. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Spice things, add a little flavor. Taste each Other.

The older you become, the more you start realizing everything you took for granted.  If there's one thing I didn't appreciate when I was 16,  it was flavored chapstick. Think about it, how much better would your first kiss have been if your lips/the females lips tasted like your favorite candy, or something just as eatable.

  I am here to be  a living witness to let you know, flavored chapstick is a game changer. So much so that I am extremely surprised that there are no advertisements for it anymore. 

Needing to add a little spice an variety to your life, try this out....

Whenever you have a sexual encounter with someone you always remember a few things, who "came" first and what they tasted like. From a females perspective you never want to give a guy too much of you the first time around, but just enough. Make them wanting and craving more.

The easy way to do this....the first time you kiss your special him or her have on some of your favorite flavored lip balm. Not only will it make the kiss or whatever you are engaging a little more fun, but now they will remember you because you left your a taste in their mouth; literally. 
There are tons of flavors ranging from blueberry to vanilla. 

This is just the first step though, want to leave a bigger lasting impression? 

The favored lip balm is an extra,  it won't get the job done alone. The flavored lip balm must also be accompanied by the perfect kissing technique. 

If there's one thing worse than a guy who can't dress its a girl that cant kiss! Absolutely horrifying.

Lets say your not into the whole lip balm theory, If you're really a freak try bringing your sweet tooth to the bedroom!

Eat each other (;

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music Choice of The Week: Ava Hovanka "HOW"

As many of you know the music industry  has always been dominated  by male artist, regardless of the genre and unfortunately that same  hierarchy has trickled its way down into the indie artist category. Having  attended various shows/showcases/music performances etc.. I am always disappointed by the lack of female artists in attendance or on the line up.

 For some reason female artists, well GOOD female artists seem to be very rare to come across. 

Until Now.

Below is  the intro to a song entitled " How" by Ava Hovanka..... 

Upon listening, I got sucked in immediately and wanted more


On our search to bring you an amazing event July 25, 2015 #NicheandCulture we have had the pleasure of stumbling on  various female artists that seem to be creating their own lane  on the music scene. This is especially true with, Ava Hovanka. 

With a name like that you shouldn't expect anything less than a unique  sound, and that is exactly what you get. We would not classify  Ava as the typical singer, simply because her sound is not something you would usually hear blasting form your radio. 

Her voice has a great raspy undertone that tugs at your heart strings.  This is music you can just sit back and vibe to when you are going through one of life's roller coaster, or  while you are driving on a nice day with the windows down.

Unlike most artist, Ave does not have an abundance of music out, but from the delivery of her music and various content we can safely assume because she is more concerned with quality rather than quantity.  

Check out her video for one of the first songs we heard from her in 2014 " My Life"

VANDALIZED EP Available Now on BandCamp and iTunes.

Make sure to check her out as well as the various artists that will be performing at our event #NicheandCulture 7.25.2015 


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Too Much Sun In The Fun Can Kill

Every year summer comes around and we all can't wait for the abundance of cookouts; swimming, amusement parks, getaways to sunny, exotic places, late night weeks etc. but some of us forget a very important necessity for enjoyment: PROTECTION FROM THE SUN!

Protecting yourself from the sun is very important, not only for cosmetic reasons but for health reasons as well. Protecting yourself from the harsh sun ways is extremely important  if you want to lessen the  chances of developing skin cancer, which is unfortunately caused by too much exposure to the sun. 
A historically perpetuated myth that has thankfully begun to be dismissed and debunked is that darker skinned, melanated people have/had all the protection from the sun they needed. Therefore for too long, people of color have ignored warnings they probably assumed were directed at their fairer skinned counterparts advising them to lather on sun protectants, limit sun exposure and protect themselves from the sun. We now know though that melanin in of itself is not enough to ward off developing skin cancer. 

Safe sun practices are advised for everyone who wants to enjoy the sun's warm rays. 

In learning how to protect yourself from the sun it is vital to understand the difference between the different types of rays the sun emits. 
The two types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight are UVA and UVB. UV radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer. UVA rays have not yet been proven to be linked to skin cancer, but they have been found to induce premature aging, wrinkles, permanent skin damage, and other skin issues. UVB rays cause sunburn and cause skin cell mutations that result in cancer and melanoma. 

All is not lost though because as scary as these types of radiation actually are, you can most definitely protect yourself! Before we talk about the obvious; wearing clothing to protect yourself from the sun because it is hot, we'll discuss the skin protectants you can apply allowing you to wear your favorite outfits and still preserve your skin. 

No matter what time of the year, you need to protect your skin from the sun if you will be exposed for 20 minutes or more or have sensitive skin. 

To do this you can choose between either a sunscreen or a sunblock. 

Sunscreens are usually colorless, thin creams that reduce the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate the skin. Sunscreens usually protects against UVB rays, but more recently more brands have been offering broad spectrum options that protect against both UVB and UVA rays. 

Unlike sunscreen that absorbs and filters UV radiation, sunblock actually blocks UV radiation at the skin surface and bounces it off. They contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which block the rays and protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Sunblocks are thicker in consistency and more visible. Due to the chemicals in either sunscreen or sunblock it's always advised to do a spot test on your skin as with most things you apply to your skin to make sure it's not an irritant. 

Once you've decided on whether you need sunscreen or more heavy duty protection and opted for sunblock, doctors recommend a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15+. 
This number indicates the products ability to absorb and protect against the sun's rays. An SPF of 15 means that you can be in the sun 15 times longer than you would without sunscreen. 

Now for protection against the sun with clothing, believe it or not there are specially designed sun-protective clothes that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. It can also be as simple as just wearing dark clothing made out of linen that have long sleeves or pants for your arms and legs. 
A stylish floppy sun hat can also protect your face, ears, and neck and sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes. 

Sun protection is important all year round and no one wants to fear the sun, but the reality is that unfortunately too much sun is just another danger to your health, but it doesn't have to be. Whether your fairer or darker skinned, don't forget your sunscreen. Cancer doesn't discriminate!