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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Few Life Hacks....

This week's article is about life hacks. These are tips and tricks, tried and true, that can pretty much help you hack your way through life so to speak.For example you probably know that if you have a uneven table or chair, all you need to do is fold up a piece of cardboard and jam it under the short leg. The cardboard will even out all the legs whether it's because the surface is uneven, or because one of the legs is short. So here are our top 5 life hacks: 
  • Have you ever been rushing to go somewhere and getting ready to hop in the shower, and whether it's because you flip the towel over the rod or you pull too hard on the curtain, but the whole contraption comes crashing down! It's so annoying! And if you're lucky, the shower curtain will fall off the rod so you have to do that extra step of putting it on before trying to anxiously put the rod back up. To deal with one particular issue, I'll take you back to the uneven table example. If you're shower rod is always falling down, the rod does not have enough tension to suspend it between both sides of the wall it's between. To fix this, if you fold up a piece of paper, about 3 times over, you can jam it between where the rod meets the wall and the shower rod. The harder it is to force it through, the greater tension and this is very good. Now hopefully the rod will have so much tension that it is stronger and less likely to fall.  
  • I feel like when I'm putting a new trash bag in my dustbin, that i have to be the only person who deals with the bag that slips in when it's halfway. It's super annoying because if you don't realize the bag has slid in, you might be putting trash all over the bin as opposed to inside the bag. To help with keeping the bag secure, I pull one of the ties and twist it. If it's long enough, I tie a bow or knot and it'll be securely around the rim of the bin.  

  • Another great life hack that can help you during these frigid temperatures is heating a space, specifically an apartment, a lot quicker. One of my genius coworkers overheard me complaining that it takes so long to cool my apartment down even when I have the A/C on. He suggested taking an oscillating fan and putting it in the doorway between my rooms to help better circulate the air through my apartment. It worked like a charm! So when the temps dropped and my issue was heating my apartment I used another tip in combo with the first!
  • I went to my friend's house and it was so warm and toasty &I realized she was cooking something because I noticed her oven was open. I was wrong though. She let me know that to help with heating her apartment up more quickly, she'll either start cooking so the heat travels, or simply put the oven on for about 10-15 minutes. It made so much sense. To help heat my apartment up even quicker, I got home, preheated the oven and marinated some  chicken. I got an oscillating heater I bought and put it in the doorway between my kitchen and front room. I did that so that the fan would circulate the heat from the oven throughout my apartment.Voila! 20 mins and it was 20 degrees warmer. 
  • Another random tip, but very important life hack that I received was from a friend also. I always avoided pulling the blinds up because it felt like I had to know magic to get the blinds back down at a diagonal angle, not even straight down. So, I would open and close the blinds, but there'd be those random days I had to figure out how to get the blinds down. My gem of a friend let me know that if you simply pull the strings for the blind all the the left or right, and gently tugged, the blinds would come right down. And they do and just like that, my quality of life has improved. 

We'd love to know what life hacks you have, because life hacks exist because people care to share the things they have learned that helped them just get through the most routing moments in life. So if you have even the most common sense life hack, we'd love to add them to a list created by our readers. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Have a Vision....

Have a vision. That is All. Have A VISION! Have a goal that is bigger than today, bigger than tomorrow, bigger than yourself. Have something in mind that makes your heart speed up when ever you think about it.  Have something that  not everyone will understand, but the very few that do, will want to become part of it.
Have a vision. Have a dream, have something that belongs to you and no one else. 

Regardless, of what is it you want to do in life, it is important that you have some type of vision, it is important that you try and clarify that vision as much a possible. It is important that the vision becomes so clear that you can not only see it, but you feel it. You know what you have to do in order to turn your vision into reality. Hone in your vision.

Since the start 2015, I (Ann) have  been  on a traveling spree to different countries, and various states. During this traveling spree, I was blessed with the opportunity to  have various conversations with people from all walks of life. From the child who doesn't even know what a vision is, to the adult who has forgotten about theirs. What I have learned, is everyone needs a goal outside of themselves. Everyone needs something that is bigger than them to believe in. Without it, our journeys  become that much harder and that much more clouded than they need to be. It is important that we never forget  the visions we have for our lives, and the vision that God/The Universe has given us. It is important to never forget about the bigger picture.

Having a vision is important, simply for the fact that it allows you to have a point of reference. When things get bad, and you start losing hope you need something to reference back to. You need to remember WHY the pain and struggle you are currently facing is going to be worth it.
 Without having a point of reference, you will give up on your dreams sooner rather than later. Without a reference, you will complain  rather than be appreciative. Without a point of reference, you will easily be side tracked  by so many things and people.

As 2015 unfolds, we want all of our readers to do something for US, that will benefit YOU in the long run. Create a vision. What do you want your life to like at the end of it all. What do you want to be doing professionally, what kind of family do you want, what impact do you want to have in this world? What is your vision for  your life?

Once you create it, pursue it. Do everything in your power to make sure it happens! Do everything in your power to make sure your vision turns into something tangible.

Share your vision with us...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

1 out of 4.....

Here at Realistic Overdose, we are all about giving you a dose of reality.....regardless of how harsh it may seem. So, this in 2015, we are broaching the subject of mental illness. We often speak about people and they actions, which normally result in judgement and/or laughter. 

As a society we are so quick to label those around us, without trying to find out... how and why they are the way they are.

We all know there are ads and whole campaigns devoted to raising awareness about the importance of taking care of your physical health through exercise, eating healthy, medicine consumption, but they often leave out a very integral piece of the pie: MENTAL HEALTH.

In psychology, and other schools of thought, there is the belief that the mind and body are linked, and there is tons of evidence to support this belief. For example, people who have experienced sudden or heartbreaking loss, have literally died from a "broken heart" because of the pain. Studies on patient healing times have revealed that those with social support, aka friends and family who came to visit or check on them, healed quicker than patients who did not. So it's worthwhile to infer from examples such as this, that mental and emotional issues can manifest themselves as physical ailments or delay healing. 

For this reason it is so important that you take care of your mental and emotional health. We are going to start with the value you place on yourself. Maybe in 2014, you did not accomplish some of the key goals that you wanted to undertake and conquer before the year's end. These could include getting that weight off, or finally finding a healthy loving romantic relationship, having a baby, or getting that promotion. In your eyes all of these things that would have made 2014 a success and you a success. There is a flaw with how you executed your goals and how you measured your failure or success. If you have the mindset where setting your goals was that "completing these goals will mean that I am successful", you mistakenly attached your self worth and value to your goal. 

We all do things to receive praise, because as young as we could speak and obey orders and complete tasks, we have done them to receive approval from whoever was instructing us. We have been conditioned to seek approval from people to validate our accomplishments, but people are fickle. Most people are not constant in their likes, dislikes, wants or even their needs, so to expect approval from people is dangerous. It is definitely not smart to go around offending people, or not setting any goals or accomplishing them, but you need to determine your why. At the root of your why, you should see yourself standing there, and that should be the reason for why you do all that you do this year. You should want to please yourself, and make yourself happy, and keep yourself happy. It sounds extremely egotistical and self centered, but there is nothing wrong with having an ego or being self centered because it is directly related to your self worth and self valuation. 

What kind of person do you want to be? What are your values? What are your morals? What things are you going to accept from other people? These are all questions you can ask yourself to envision the type of person you want to be at the end of every day, and make that person your end goal. That way you'll order the steps of your journey to becoming that person. If you want to be the type of person who takes care of their family, you won't do things that could cause you to lose your job, you'll make sure you have a way to make money to provide, you'll be there for your family, amongst other things and this is just one example how having a positive image of who you want to be helps motivate you to maintain and accomplish that goal. 

It's incredibly important to have a good image of yourself because it's one of the most basic way to have good mental health. It's important that you recognize that your mere existence makes you so valuable, because every day you are here, the day resets itself, and you have the opportunity to do something great and be something great. This glass half full attitude comes from high self value. It comes from the belief that your worth is not determined, by what you do or what you have. Never allow your self worth to be determined by other people. Without the baby who will complete you? or the best friend you can tell everything, or a husband/wife, or extra weight, you still matter.

You have 24 hours each day to get one step closer to your goals and to be a better you.  

Mental health is a very complex subject and there is way more to it than just believing in yourself especially if you might have a mental disorder that requires drugs or therapy. There is no doubt though, that other mental health issues related to self worth such a body dimorphic disorder, some forms of depression, and others are affected by self valuation or lack thereof, so take care of yourself. You are here, perfectly imperfect, so feel empowered by that fact and take on each day that comes.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Achieving Healthy Beautiful Skin As the Season Changes

Your skin is your largest organ. Its covers your entire body and is your body's first line of defense against all sorts of things that you come into contact with from germs to other people's germs. For this reason taking care of your skin is not only about maintaining your healthy, but also a simple way to feel beautiful.  

We all have different skin types, with different skin care needs. From sensitive skin, too oily skin you have to be extremely careful of what you apply to your skin. 

I am not here to discuss specific skin issues,but rather to touch basis on the general issues that we all face. There are tips we should all follow! 

Tip 1: 
Is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Exfoliation is the process of gently scoffing off of the uppermost skin layer of cells. These are sometimes referred to as "dead" skin cells, but that's not always true. These cells are the oldest cells though meaning that at one point or another, they will naturally fall, rub or be bathed off in their life cycle. You also have the option of manually rubbing them off. Exfoliation is so beneficial because it promotes the youthful, glow to your skin. Older cells are aged and dying. They might have been cut or scarred or sunburned and therefore appear dry or scaly. Exfoliating these rough skin cells reveals a smooth new layer of skin. This can be done as a daily routine depending on your skin type, but observe the quality of your skin with the frequency that you exfoliate. Over exfoliation can signal the overproduction of oil and leave your skin oily and greasy. Over exfoliation can also really dry out your skin depending on your skin type so as with any routine, be aware of any changes. As a rule of thumb I exfoliate my face a maximum every 3 days, because it is too fragile to endure vigorous scrubbing more than that. On my body, I exfoliate with exfoliating gloves every day. This skin on my body is thicker and covering vital body parts that come into contact with the environment frequent so I feel it can handle the daily scrub. As I said, make sure you monitor the quality of your skin. 

Tip 2: 

Another great tip for beautiful smooth skin is your water intake! Your body is over 90% water. It should be intuitive that we consume regular amounts of water daily, but for a lot of people it is not.  I use to be part of the group of people that did not care to drink water, or see the need for it. My initial reason to consume more water was for aesthetic reasons. When I learned that it was a major key to soft,  supple skin, I started drinking water like a fish. Not drinking enough water not only leaves your body dehydrated, it also contributes to dry skin. Drinking water flushes the toxins out of your body including your skin which improves the quality of your cells including your skin cells. Your cells are composed of water and they need water to prevent them from being dried out. 
By flushing your body of toxins that can manifest themselves on your skin and make you appear tired, ill, or older you enable your skin  to radiate and look younger.
Water is good for your body and beautiful to your skin. 

Tip 3: 

The last tip for beautiful skin is moisturizing and sealing in the moisture. My daily routine involves bathing with a moisturizing body soap, rubbing a moisture rich lotion into my skin and sealing with a body oil. It sounds way more involved than it is, but it's simple. I've grown up using Dove body soap and I love it. The commercials for it always emphasize it's lasting moisture without a cakey buildup like other soaps, allowing your skin to be nourished but not clogged. Once I get out of the shower, I do one of two processes. If I am pressed for time or I just have a preference for it, I use my Nivea Body Creme. It's light and creamy, and full of moisture.  It's a dream to rub into your skin and it has a light fresh scent. It's thick enough that any exposed skin is defended against the cool drying temperatures. Sometimes I use a combination of Cocoa Butter Lotion and the oil as well. The Cocoa butter Lotion is light and smells like chocolate which is pleasant to me and not too overwhelming. To save time, I pour a drop of oil into my hand with the lotion and work both into my skin. That way I get to moisturize and seal. The added benefit of Cocoa Butter is Vitamin E, an essential vitamin and key ti healthy beautiful skin. Cocoa Butter has natural properties that promote the repair of skin abrasions such as scars and stretch marks, so I use it for the compound benefits. In case you're wondering, I have dry skin, so my product choices may not work for you, but the tips are general. 

Don't forget to take care of your skin this winter by trying one or all of these tips for beautiful, smooth skin!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting to know your Vagina

I hesitated whilst writing this piece because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to write the word Vagina, or use some other euphemism for the female genital organ, but i decided its name will suffice. 

With 2015 being a year of firsts for a lot of people, for women in particular, Realistic Overdose wants to ask a personal question: how well do you know your vagina? It's a  very personal question and for our less acquainted readers, you might feel like you don't know us well enough to answer that question, but we'll start and share with you. 

I was recently watching Sex and the City and for those of you who are familiar with Charlotte, you know how uncomfortable she can be with the topic of sex. The Sex and the City cast were discussing what they like in the bedroom and what gets them to reach their peak and O! When the ladies got to the topic of self exploration, Charlotte revealed that she didn't even know what her vagina even looked like, and I'll be honest, I gasped right along with the other girls. I remember being encouraged to break out a trusty hand mirror and examine my nether region when I tried tampons for the first time at 16. I also remember my confusion at the thought of looking at my own vagina, and I could instantly imagine why Charlotte as a 30+ year old woman would be so opposed to the idea especially 14 years later and older than me. 

Vaginal exploration is important for women young and old. Now, I do not mean necessarily breaking out a hand mirror and looking at your vagina, I mean also educating yourself about it. Young women are discouraged from exploring their sexuality past the basic biology of the vagina and the menstrual cycle to reproduction. They are shunned away from their own body for a plethora of reasons, but none seem valid. 

Throughout the various stages of womanhood from puberty to adulthood, it is important for you to "get to know your vagina". 

It is important to not only know what your vagina looks like, but also what changes may occur with it. Knowing what your vagina looks like normally, will help you figure out if there is a problem when it looks different. Figuring out what is normal for your vagina is best by going to your gynecologist and getting the OK from a professional. 

 If you don't have a gynecologist "getting to know your vagina" includes understanding the importance of having a healthy vagina which is achieved primarily through a checkup at least once a year. It's important to know what discharges during different days in your cycle and why your discharge might have changed. Knowing basic information about your vagina, can also mean less trips to the doctor because you know how to keep your vagina healthy as part of your preventative healthcare plan. 

Now that we have attacked "getting to know your Vagina from a health perspective, it is also important to but know your vagina intimately. Charlotte(back to Sex in the City) cringed at the idea of masturbation and looking at her vagina in the presence of sexually expressive Samantha.  It's important to respect that everyone is different. As much as I think it's a great idea to be comfortable with your body including your "private parts" I also understand  that not everyone feels this information is necessary to know. I do encourage women who are less comfortable to try something new that could prove to be very valuable to their life, which is knowing yourself intimately. Using myself as an example, I can't deny that I truly believe knowing what makes me feel good has also helped me intimately with my partner. One of the main reasons I think it is so important to know what makes you feel good, is because I feel like it empowers you as a woman in a way that historically women have not been able to feel power, and that is sexually. Sex is still perceived from a male centric view, but thankfully women have way more power and a voice to speak up for what they want  out of life including; financially, spiritually and sexually. 

Because sex can be so male centered, a woman's pleasure is viewed from a male perspective, but that obviously doesn't make sense. A woman should be the first consultant about what female pleasure means, and how can a woman tell someone else what feels good to her if she does not know herself. 

Let's make it clear, I don't mean how can a woman know what makes her feel good when she's with a man, but period, even when she's alone, how does she know? The best way to figure that out is to do what a lot of women feel cringe worthy. Masturbate. Unfortunately, omen are not encouraged to masturbate or explore their sexuality.

It is important though for women to feel in control of their sexuality, by "getting to know their vagina". 

If you read our post on goals, you read how it's easier to become accustomed to the idea of something by breaking it into steps and goals. So if you're less comfortable with your vagina, maybe you can start slow by simply just using the medical word for your genitals or committing to a gynecologist appointment. I suggest using the word "vagina" not to be funny, but seriously because even the clinical word can make women uncomfortable. It's just a word and more importantly, not a bad word. If you're more comfortable with the idea of "getting to know your vagina" then think about educating yourself on some of the topics discussed and consider self pleasure. Dabbling is self pleasure for yourself  is amazing, and it helps you learn what could make sex more pleasurable for you. This could include just using your hands or branching into toys. 

Ultimately though ladies, don't ignore your vagina. At the very least , you need to be aware of everything going on down there for health reasons, and because having one is nothing to be ashamed of. 

You may not have consciously realized how socialization and society's messages may have influenced how you think and feel about what's between your legs, but maybe this article will get you to think about it.

Do you know you Vagina? Share your stories! @RealistOverdose or

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Visuals from NIMBU$


If you can vaguely remember the Looney Tune days, Pepe Le Pew was the French skunk known as the "thirsty"guy. He was always trying to romance any if not all the beautiful women he came across. Did he ever successfully find a woman? No, but the moral of the story "LOVE STINKS". Nimbus shares with us his own Pepe Le Pew scenario with crisp visuals and honest lyrics.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

20 Ways To Be SEXY

Sexiness is something  every female wants to be able to achieve, for herself or for someone she has an eye on. Sexiness is something every man wants their woman to portray when they are by their side. The thing is, sexiness is subjective. There is is no one way to be "sexy". We all define it different, therefore we all portray it differently. 

We recently had a very interesting conversation with Ava HoVAnka, but before we get into that  let me tell you  a little about her. Ava HoVAnka is a young lady,  who is striving to become "FIRST 5 foot African American alternative ROCK STAR to grace the cover of INTERVIEW,VOGUE, BAAZAR, NYLON " 

With her own unique style and talent to match she is in a lane of her own.  Not only is her style amazing, after having a conversation I  got the sense that she has a lot to say as well. As young women it's amazing how many of you are not comfortable in our own skin. You walk around, afraid to be yourselves, and afraid  of being goofy, because of the fear of judgement. 

Not realizing that sometimes that goofiness is what will attract others to you.

So, we asked Ava, how is she so confident in her skin?
 How does she exude sexiness without trying and well this is what she had to say....

1. Make eye contact

2. Get your damn hair done

3. black licorice + donuts (the smell makes the penis happy by 30%)

4. Wear lingerie #duh

5. Find s good tailor ... so your clothes fit + compliment your shape . You don't have to be bare ass naked to be sexy ladies.

6. Unfollow people who make you feel insecure.Social media supposed to inspire + make you happy. Not hate the way you look or dress.

7. Be kind. There's nothing more sexy than a woman being kind and showing respect. Be a lady + you get ass rubs later that night

8. Manicure + Pedicure I sit at home & soak my feet and hands in milk, polish my own nails bc it's expensive. So pampering is a must!

9. Be mysterious. Everyone does not need to know everything about you

10. Feed your soul, not your ego. Focus on your energy + good conversation vs. what others think about you 

11. Invest in yourselve. You don't have to go buy 1000 pair of Loubs' or the latest Chanel purse.  Do little things that make you happy, New Hair or a red dress..

12. Wear Lace ! If not for you, for your man or the single man whose attention you want. It's elegant & sexy. Wear a lace tank w/ denim & a pump 

13. Put your phone away Sometimes. Give people your undivided attention

14. Masturbate I know this seems gross. But, if you don't know what he's not doing right to please you ... You have to find out.

15. Ask the right questions ... Make people feel as if you care, question them about their likes, dislikes, wants, needs

16. Use a glow cream or a bronzer When your skin looks like it's missing a filter you may not get booty rubs that night. So oil up & shine

17. Wear heels I'm short so I always wear cute heels when I'm running to the store or with babe. Because it's sexy + it elongate my legs.

18. Show off. Celebrities are already sexy to us, why? They are confident. Be proud of who you are and all of your attributes.

19. Try new things when possible! I promised myself to take time to do so' so I can engage in more intellectual conversations other than music & fashion !

20. Be comfortable in your skin. I suffer with confidence at times, but it is a growing process.  

Becoming confident is not going to happen over night, it is something you have to constantly work at. You have to constantly build your confidence, and whether you take All of or just some of Ava's advice I am sure something she said will help you. Remember, the goal is to be able to walk into a room, with your head high! You never want to base your confidence on other people, or even compare it to others. It's a personal journey.... one step at a time!