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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Masculine Female Fashion

It seems as though women are finding comfort in the next mans clothes. Literally. As of late, the number of women dressing masculine has increased greatly. Comfort seems to be more important in fashion these days. It's all about being comfortable while still having an edge and looking polished. This is done easily by dipping into some great male fashion aesthetic.  

 Sexual preference plays no role in this trend either, it's simply women appreciating the aesthetic of menswear and incorporating it into their everyday attire.

There's something chic and sexy about a women showing the next guy up in his own clothes.

 She Wore It Better Anyway... ha!





Friday, October 2, 2015

Saturday Sinnin - Walker

As we get ready for the weekend, it's time to bless your ears.

If' you've been following us for a while, this isn't the first time you've  heard music from Philly native Walker. It has been great to see how his craft has developed over time. The content of his music has begun to have a little more depth, aside from just having a catchy hook or being laced over an impressive beat.

We've been listening to his first solo project #ShizzUniversity ever since it debuted so we were more than excited to  hear this tease of what he has in store for his second project #ShizzUniversity2

This track is definitely something we can all relate to, getting things done, how and when you need to get them done. "Put me anywhere with anything, I'll double my bread"

Don't let the title fool you, this song isn't about partying all day everyday,
it's about doing what you have to do on a daily/weekly basis to make things happen for you and your family. Whether you clocking in at a 9-5 or clocking in on the block 5-9... Finding your own way. 

We have all had to do a little sinning here and there to make things happen for ourselves and the people we love, even if that means not speaking to them  or being physically there for them 24/7.

At a time when everyone is trying to find their niche and path we sometimes have to choose between being there for our people  physically and being able to provide for them

What and who are you sinning for?

Artist: WalkerAMEN from North Philly

Song: Saturday Sinnin

Producer: Dumperz (Roach Carter & KRich)

Art: Rell Grafx

Throw this track on as you and your friends get ready tonight or while your riding around your city with the windows down! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

For The Love of The Breast

Right in time for breast Cancer awareness month, starting today, October 1st we encourage you to consider your breast health just as you would any other health matter. Whether younger or older, having breasts puts you at risk for breast cancer. Other factors that increase these risks are age, race, family medical history, personal medical history, etc...

Cancer is an indiscriminate predator, and prevention and awareness is our best defense against its unruly destruction of lives.

So we'll give it to you quick and dirty.

There are 5 quick and easy steps for you to perform in the comfort of your home to aid in your personal efforts to maintain your health.

Stand in front of the mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands on your hips. Now this may feel strange to some who haven't paid this much attention, but visually inspect your breasts.
Do they look any different today than usual in color, size or shape? Are they swollen? Are they sore, dimpled, bulging, do you see an new rashes? Has either nipple changed or turned inside? If you notice any unusual changes bring them to your physician's attention.

I promised you this was quick because all you have to do now is raise your arms above your head and try to observe the same things?

Don't be shy ladies. Focus on looking at your nipples now & look for signs of any fluid discharge. If there is bring it to the attention of your doc.

Hopefully you're still calm and relaxed because now you're going to lay flat on your back on a comfortable even surface such as your bed and physically inspect each breast.
Alternating between light pressure for the top layer of your breast to the firmer pressure for the deeper tissue in your breast, using two fingers, feel your breasts in a circular motion. Use your right hand for your left breast and your left hand for your right breast and be sure to press and feel your entire breast from your armpit to your collarbone to down above your ribcage.

this is still quick and easy so now do the same circular pressing motion on both breasts while sitting or standing in the shower while your skin is going to be softer to the touch and easier to press.
It'd be advisable to do this self breast exam in the morning before you shower to facilitate the ease with which this quick exam can be performed if not once a week, but once a month.

Realistic Overdose wants to help us all fight breast cancer even if it's just simple preventative care ��
Save the Boobs

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Took A Step Back...

Yes, Yes, Yes, We are back!
Realistic Overdose is back!

After our event in July we started to take some time off, and eventually continued to take time off all the way into the month of September. YES! We have seen all the comments, and emails from our faithful readers and supports, and we just want to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for sticking with us!

What people fail to realize about running business/site is.... it takes a lot! From creating the actual content to editing each piece, to communicating with your readers. There is a lot that goes into it. It takes a toll on you creatively, financially, and emotionally. 
When you are doing something for the pure love of it, when it’s coming from a place of just wanting to provide useful content it is important that you do not let yourself get overwhelmed, because then things get clouded.

Being able to constantly write articles and provide information that is just not entertaining but hopefully useful and inspiring to at least ONE PERSON is what our goal has always been. We are a place where the average person can come and get their daily dose of something REAL.
 Whether they come to check out new posts highlighting underground artists, learn how to create and maintain a personal style, or learn how to deal with the daily stressors of life. We would like to think we have something for every person that is conscious about what they are feeding their minds.
 That is what realistic overdose is here to do, feed you.

Why did we take a break?

Simple, whatever you do in life whether you love or hate it is important that you never allow it to completely consume you. You should always be able to take a step back and have YOU time.
In a world where people are constantly pushed in every direction without having a moment to decide what is best for them, it is easy to get lost. Don’t get lost, and if you feel yourself getting lost. Stop. Now.

It is easy to get lost in yourself, and your work. Sounds crazy right? How can you get lost in your work? Simple, when it gets to the point where your vision is getting clouded, it is time to take a step back…. And that’s what we did.

We took a step back, reevaluated and are now back and better than ever.

Now that is out of the way, time to get back to it!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Make it easy for yourself, and just Match!

Fashion doesn't always have to be complex, sometimes being simple is more than enough. 
So simple that all you have to do is match! Two piece sets have always  had a role in the fashion industry, from your local designer to more high end brands. They have been here, and are not going anywhere anytime soon.
I personally, have not always been a fan of matching outfits, but that's what is amazing about fashion and style. What works for some does not and will not work for all, but that does not mean I can not appreciate a great outfit when I see one.

For the women who often find themselves trying to piece outfits together from nothing, consider matching the "easy way out". 

Brands such as Moschino. Nasty Gal, & Shop JEEN have made matching simple and exciting with creative prints and color schemes. 

Try these looks for yourself!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Myths about The Vagina

As I was scrolling through my instagram, I came across @MsWrightsWay's IG and a picture of herself she posted during pregnancy with her vagina blurred out. 

I assumed that for obvious reasons she didn't want her vagina on blast on her page even though she wanted to share the picture but she also posted the hashtag #Iworemypubichairproud and it struck me and made me start to think because this is out of the norm when it comes to the representation of the female anatomy. 

Unless you're reading a textbook or educational book of some sort, the vagina is usually bald or minimally covered in pubic hair groomed into some "cute" style. whether it's personal preference to shave some of it off, shave it all off or go Au naturale, we thought we'd keep it real and educate our readers on the facts about pubic hair down there as opposed to perpetuated societal standards for grooming your lady parts.

Myth: It's nasty not to shave because it traps sweat and debris and causes you to stink "down there"

Fact: There is a distinct difference between good hygiene and what is referred to as the natural female flora. Biologically whether male or female, we all produce a scent or odor that is either consciously detected or subconsciously detected because it is in the form of pheromones. Pheromones are scents we produce that attract us to the opposite sex for the most part. Your natural scent whether it's your body, your sweat or yes even the scent of your vagina is unique to you. As long as it does not smell fishy, yeasty or like something is dying, it is believe it or not, NORMAL for your vag to have a scent.

Obviously if you workout, sweat profusely, have other things happen during the day like discharge or if you're menstruating, this smell can be stronger, but this is where good hygiene is all you need to practice. Most doctors would simply recommend washing with water and a mild unscented soap that won't disrupt the pH of your vagina which is usually the real culprit of a funky smell "down there". Your body hair catches sweat and other debris and bacteria that naturally smell if they are left to build up but if being clean is what is important to you, then simply washing more frequently is an easy solution. 
Simply hanging on to your pubes does not automatically equal a smelly vagina so don't be fooled by this myth. Contrary to popular belief unlike water, the pH of the vagina is not the same, so you may not "smell like water" and that has nothing to do with not shaving if you practice good hygiene.

Myth: There is no point to having hair on your p*ssy

Fact: Believe it or not there is almost ALWAYS a point to the awe inspiring biological engineering of the human body that produces such pesky characteristics such as sweat, mucus and body hair including your pubes. All the hair on your body from your head to your toes serves as one of the first lines of defense as a protective barrier against physical impacts and microscopic bacteria. Obviously your fragile hairs can't absorb the impact of a crash or a slap BUT they do absorb some and more importantly these hairs prevent bacteria from infiltrating your skin and causing infections that can be just as harmful as physical injuries.
Whether you wax, shave, use depilatory creams, electrolysis or laser your hair off, it leaves behind microscopic cuts on the skin that are open wounds vulnerable to the very bacteria the hair was trying to protect against. Some clinicians have found that those who choose to remove their pubic hair are more vulnerable to STI's such as herpes because these viruses and bacteria can more easily infect the skin through microscopic abrasions left behind from pubic hair removal.

Myth: A bald vagina is prettier than a hair vagina

Fact: Although a large portion of the porn industry in particular has contributed to this perception of "bald is beautiful", this is still not the general consensus. It's important to know that women all over the world choose to #rocktheirpubesproudly as a personal preference because yes believe it or not they actually like how it looks. There was a point in time in the era of the "Joy of Sex" in the 80s when "wild, bushy" lubes were all the rage and vividly illustrated in sexual position education books. Plus there is actually a whole industry of porn propagated on some people's affinity and attraction to the natural occurrence of hair "down there".

Myth: Guys don't like girls with hairy vaginas

Besides the fact that we personally ignore male pandering and male centered views of sex because we all know now that both women and men enjoy sex and have their own legitimate personal preferences, that is just not true. Secondly as the age of consent for most states are based on the maturation of a girl into a woman, and a boy into a man, we should start right there. Men are more varied, open minded and frankly horny regarding their views on pubes. Google polls of male opinions and views of women with pubic hair and you will find opinions that run the gamut from men who can't stand pubic hair to men who are only turned on by the presence of pubic hair so have hope you'll find a man who you don't have to change for no matter what your preference is. Some men are even turned off by a bald vagina because pubes are more "womanly" to them aka indicative of their lady love's cross from prepubescent childhood i.e. no pubes into womanhood when you get one of the first signs you are maturing.

So in sum whether you choose to rocky a baldy or grow baby grow, you do what's best for you armed with the facts and the confidence to be yourself even "down there" despite what society and media messages might be telling you ♡

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Yogi in You

Try something new! I did...and fell in love. As a New Year's resolution for 2015, I made it a goal to try new things. One of them being yoga, since it's offered free at the gym I work for. I had been scoping the class for awhile and seeking an outlet for the anxiety and sadness I had been feeling over the past year due to an unhealthy relationship and feeling lost in various aspects of my life. 

I wanted something to take my mind off things until I had the clarity I needed to make the necessary changes. I took my first class and I was surprised to see the yoga studio filled with people much older than me. I was a little thrown off, but I figured I'd at least give it a shot. The class began and the instructor turned on very calming music with sounds of water and chiming that helped you focus on meditating or at least bringing more awareness to yourself. 

The class itself took on a slow pace, but still a bit challenging for me since I had never done any of these movements or poses before. I initially found it difficult to keep my mind from drifting during the class from random things like what I was doing after or how my day had even prior to the class. All distractions that would lead to me losing my concentration and not following the instructor's directions. 

It would be a simple mistake that he didn't mind correcting since I was a beginner. I slowly found myself a little frustrated that I couldn't solely focus on the task at hand. I tried to clear my mind of all things other than my body and what I was being instructed to do with it. After a few classes, I had become much better at not getting distracted by things and I was receiving encouragement and compliments from my instructor. I had to stop fighting my mind and just allow it to be.

 Hearing from my instructor that yoga seemed to come very naturally to me and that I should continue to take classes was very rewarding for me, especially since, this was all so new to me. I was not the best at any pose, in fact, most of the older women in the class had been practicing yoga for years. I impressed myself however, with my commitment to the process and not allowing any negativity or self criticism to consume me.  

It also taught me a lesson that can be applied in about every aspect of your life.
In order to be successful at anything, especially yoga in my opinion, you have to fully commit. 

Once I noticed how rewarding that was, I wanted to carry that into my everyday life. Yoga had become my sense of reflection, my "me time" had so much more purpose. I was able to sit or lay in silence and just feel a sense of clarity and hope that although things may not be the best right now, just as my skills as a yogi were not, but with time and persistence they would only progress. Finding something that captivates you and brings light and positivity into your life is a blessing. I am grateful for being able to find something I am now so passionate about. It teaches me to not always rush things and to allow myself to transition organically into whatever life may throw my way. It has been about four months since I've started yoga and I plan to continue to practice and study the history, in order to one day become an instructor. I feel as though this can be my gift to others, to share that same light and hope I received from yoga. 

Perhaps, I can one day help someone going through similar circumstances as myself. I feel as though I have purpose now and that is such an amazing feeling as long as you have a plan. Yoga may not be your thing, but you'll never know until you try. You're never too old to find a new hobby or even a new passion you may want to pursue. Continue to challenge yourself and do things just for the experience. Knowledge is power and learning new things about yourself can never get old. 

Written by: Christian Williams @jojosaidso