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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The key.

In a world where every one thinks their opinion matters,  you have  to get to the point where you do not allow other peoples opinions and their opinions of you determine who you are. 
If you are constantly seeking approval from those around, you will constantly be compromising  your wants and needs to fit theirs. Sooner or later you will either decide that their opinion does not matter or you will allow the opinions of others to taint your perception of yourself.
Negativity is the breeding ground for everything  we need to let go off. People hold on to negativity without even realizing it. They hold on to negatively because they are comfortable with it. They are comfortable with second guessing the talents and accomplishments of themselves and other people. They are comfortable with allowing the their blessings to pass them by, simply because they choose to hold on to anger and envy towards other people.

“Positivity is the key.”

Promoting positivity. Shedding a light on people that are actually doing things worth mentioning and repeating. We need to start feeding the energy that we want to grow, and continue to dim the light on everything else.  This is not to say we should ignore the people and things we do not agree with or do not bring us happiness, but we should not constantly feed them with energy and time.

Be Open to the Good…

Some people are lead to believe that there is more hatred in this world than there is love. I disagree. Unfortunately, what I have noticed is that hatred gets more attention than anything else. We take the love and happiness that is out there for granted when things start getting taken for granted, sooner or later it will cease to grow.... or exist.
Few ways to remain positive…

Don’t argue

Negative people love to argue about things that do not matter. Arguing is the best way to waste time and energy. Before starting an argument, ask yourself "does this matter" Does this conversation I am having matter? Does what I am currently doing matter? Will this conversation add  to my happiness or peace? Will arguing change the situation  for the better or will it just feed the negativity that is already building.

Get Rid of The “Debby Downers”

If you have any friends that tend to be negative about everything, it might be time to start loving them from a distance. Love people from a distance if it will allow peace and love to grow in your life. If  the people you love, bring more hurt than heeling it might be time to leave them to hurt alone. Get rid of the people that do not positivity to reign. The thing about these Debby Downers is  most of the time they do not do it out of malice, but instead they they do it because that's all they know. As much as we love  these people,  we can not allow them to drain us. We can not be afraid to love from a distance if it will bring peace.

Know That Misery Loves Company

Some people love miserable, they dwell in it. The only thing they love more than misery, is company in that misery. As selfish as it may seem,  many of us  feel better when we know someone is out there feeling the same pain as them. It is the sad reality of the world we live in. No-one wants to feel as if they are in this world suffering alone. We all want to feel connected with someone or something, even if that connection is through pain. So once you acknowledge that the people you are around are dwelling in negatively, it is time to cut ties. The only way to end misery, is to refuse to partake in it. Refuse to be unhappy.

The thing about being optimistic is.... you lose nothing from it. You lose nothing from focusing on the good. You lose nothing by refusing to be unhappy. You lose nothing from staying away from negative people. You actually gain everything from deciding to let go of the doubt/negativity/hurt etc..... let go of everything and everyone that is holding you back.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Release the Tension.....

I've been super stressed lately and trying to figure out how best to manage my stress and relieve it. Relieving your stress starts with management. No matter what the issue is, how you respond to adversity makes all the difference. So learning how to calm yourself down when you feel stressed or preferably before you are stressed is useful, but easier said than done! 

It's also important to be able to identify when you are stressed because then can take the necessary steps in order to fix it. Stress is a silent killer. The thing about stress is, it is not the actual stress that kills you, but what that stress makes you do. Everyone handles stress differently. Some of us deal with it be eating more, while other deal with it by drinking more. Regardless of how t you handle stress, it is important to do it in a manner that it  is not destructive and detrimental to your well being.

I personally like to stretch or do yoga. Yoga can be simple, to moderate, to hard body movements that are designed to stretch your body in some motions. These motions are meant to challenge you to support your body weight by focusing on the specific movement. 
I find it to be extremely rewarding for my mental state because it forces me to shut down all outside noise, and really just focus on my current body movements, and finding mental and physical balance. 
Yoga keeps me limber but  as you advance and try more difficult movies it can become challenging enough to where it turns into a workout.

 If you're not into yoga though, simply stretching can help relieve physical tension caused by stress. 

Whenever I feel really stressed, I stretch. 

I turn on some music or just do it in silence and I lay on my floor on a yoga mat or stand up and I take deep breaths in and out. Breathing through my movements allows me to control them. 

It's simple. 

Bend forward and touch your toes and then take a deep breath in 
Bend forward and touch your toes while exhaling slowly

 It should feel completely different  and even uncomfortable while you breathe through your stretches. 
They don't have to be difficult or complex movements. You can Google stretches or just move your body and stretch what feels good to you, safely of course. If you're are a little worried about starting yoga full throttle, there are plenty of youtube videos you can watch and mimic at home. There are tons of free yoga channels with series of movements that can be performed in a set as a workout. 

If you find that yoga is beneficial to you, you can join the plethora of yoga memberships on sites like Living Social, Groupon and others for as low as $10 sometimes. 

This is just one way to relieve some of the tension brought on by stress that might go a long way in making you feel better. Sometimes the manifestations of our mind can literally drag us down physically, so release that tension. 

Life is way too short and sometimes it's necessary to just take a moment and simply breathe in and out and put things in perspective. 
Everything has a way of working itself out.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hot Case

When it comes to Apple products, specifically the IPhone, the designs and eloquence just seems to be getting better and better. 

For all you stylish ladies who love to accessorize, you will be thrilled to know that you can accessorize your IPhone cases, as well! Meaning if you see fit, you can go the incorporate your IPhone case into your everyday wardrobe. 
The new designs are brilliant. 
In the photo above, a woman is effortlessly wearing an IPhone that was designed to mirror a small purse. 
Now who would have ever thought of doing that 2 years ago?  

Aside from being able to make your phone case apart of your style you are given millions of options to choose from so why not have fun! If you're one who is dedicated to designer brands like Chanel, Moschino, and Marc Jobs you'll be happy to know they created cases to your liking. 

If your just funky with a taste for music and art, you can style your phone however you like. 

Your phone case will definitely be a conversation starter

Send us some of your #HotCases and we'll post them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Use it or Lose It

The phrase "use it or lose it" sounds so trivial, but it has the ability to simplify a concept that truly isn't hard to understand. "Use it or lose it" refers to what I'll call a phenomenon, where if you have a skill, talent, or ability, if you do not strengthen it, or allow it to grow you will either not be able to do it as well or  completely lose it.

This can refer to losing your ability to sing, lose muscle tone, or the ability to read. With that being said though, it's  important to take care of your skills, talents, and abilities so that you always have them.

When it comes to your body, the truth is that you have the capacity to be as strong and healthy as you want can be of your own doing. So for your bones, muscles, and skin, exercise is key. Exercising your muscles, will strengthen them so they can support your bones and prevent against injury. Toning and working out your muscles will also help keep your skin from sagging and drooping because of inactivity. Gentle stretching before and after you workout will help your prevent against injury while you workout. It will also help naturally release built up fluid between your joints and prevent them from tight so your body is limber. You have to use your muscles so that they don't break down and so that they help support your movements. Strong muscles can prevent a lot of injuries!
We tended to our muscles, bones, and skin, but it's also important to do brain exercises! You might have seen cute commercials about a website where you can do brain exercises, such as problems and riddles to keep you thinking. It might seem silly because you think every day at work or at school, but your brain is capable of so much. Thinking in one particular way on a regular basis especially for school or a job doesn't keep you engaged the way different subjects in middle school and high school did. In high school, you were constantly doing math, thinking scientifically, memorizing history, analyzing behavior in psychology, reading music in band, and so much more. 

You were constantly engaged in all these activities that were keeping all parts of your brain stimulated. As a necessity, as you get older you focus more on a particular type of thinking to help you get a job for example or complete a major in college. You can't forget to give those other skills in your life some practice though. I used to play the flute and read a book a week, but now I strictly read research articles and interpret contract language. I regularly use a calculator for basic math and it always makes me pause and remember when math had to be part of my life. I had to take math quizzes and exams without a calculator and I was always "math-ing". 

So when I remember those days, I put my calculator away & take the opportunity to practice my math skills.  

You've tended to your body and mind, but we all have a soul from which our creativity comes. Your soul is what enjoys designing clothes for fun, playing the guitar, singing, knitting, writing...etc.  

Don't let life get in the way of nurturing the talents, activities and abilities that give you joy. 
If you love to rap or write poetry, but you opted for an office job, don't stop writing. That talent you developed came from a genuine interest or even love and you don't want to look back on when you used to be able to do this or that. Time goes on, and you will change, but you don't have to lose some of the most important parts of yourself if you take them time to nurture them. 

Nurture your love relationships. Nurture your friendships. Take the time to see people you care about. Read that book you've thought about reading, but don't have enough time. Learn a song and play your piano again. 
Don't let yourself or the things you love fall to the wayside.

Use it so you don't lose it. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New AfriTribe On The Way!

Who: AfriTribe

AfriTribe is an African themed street wear line that we've formally introduced  our readers to before. Not only is the brand focused on African Culture as a whole, they stand for CULTURE period. Their goal is to create something that not only visually inticies, you something that will be here long after their gone. Something that is bigger than them, something that connects them to their parents, to their future children, to their home land.

Their new collection is enitiled: Coming to America 

The "Coming to America" MiniCapsule Collection, is a reinterpretation of the American Flag, symbolizing the immigration of Africans to America, and starting the Diaspora story of AfriTribe for the year.

Look out for their new collection coming soon!

For more info:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Few Life Hacks....

This week's article is about life hacks. These are tips and tricks, tried and true, that can pretty much help you hack your way through life so to speak.For example you probably know that if you have a uneven table or chair, all you need to do is fold up a piece of cardboard and jam it under the short leg. The cardboard will even out all the legs whether it's because the surface is uneven, or because one of the legs is short. So here are our top 5 life hacks: 
  • Have you ever been rushing to go somewhere and getting ready to hop in the shower, and whether it's because you flip the towel over the rod or you pull too hard on the curtain, but the whole contraption comes crashing down! It's so annoying! And if you're lucky, the shower curtain will fall off the rod so you have to do that extra step of putting it on before trying to anxiously put the rod back up. To deal with one particular issue, I'll take you back to the uneven table example. If you're shower rod is always falling down, the rod does not have enough tension to suspend it between both sides of the wall it's between. To fix this, if you fold up a piece of paper, about 3 times over, you can jam it between where the rod meets the wall and the shower rod. The harder it is to force it through, the greater tension and this is very good. Now hopefully the rod will have so much tension that it is stronger and less likely to fall.  
  • I feel like when I'm putting a new trash bag in my dustbin, that i have to be the only person who deals with the bag that slips in when it's halfway. It's super annoying because if you don't realize the bag has slid in, you might be putting trash all over the bin as opposed to inside the bag. To help with keeping the bag secure, I pull one of the ties and twist it. If it's long enough, I tie a bow or knot and it'll be securely around the rim of the bin.  

  • Another great life hack that can help you during these frigid temperatures is heating a space, specifically an apartment, a lot quicker. One of my genius coworkers overheard me complaining that it takes so long to cool my apartment down even when I have the A/C on. He suggested taking an oscillating fan and putting it in the doorway between my rooms to help better circulate the air through my apartment. It worked like a charm! So when the temps dropped and my issue was heating my apartment I used another tip in combo with the first!
  • I went to my friend's house and it was so warm and toasty &I realized she was cooking something because I noticed her oven was open. I was wrong though. She let me know that to help with heating her apartment up more quickly, she'll either start cooking so the heat travels, or simply put the oven on for about 10-15 minutes. It made so much sense. To help heat my apartment up even quicker, I got home, preheated the oven and marinated some  chicken. I got an oscillating heater I bought and put it in the doorway between my kitchen and front room. I did that so that the fan would circulate the heat from the oven throughout my apartment.Voila! 20 mins and it was 20 degrees warmer. 
  • Another random tip, but very important life hack that I received was from a friend also. I always avoided pulling the blinds up because it felt like I had to know magic to get the blinds back down at a diagonal angle, not even straight down. So, I would open and close the blinds, but there'd be those random days I had to figure out how to get the blinds down. My gem of a friend let me know that if you simply pull the strings for the blind all the the left or right, and gently tugged, the blinds would come right down. And they do and just like that, my quality of life has improved. 

We'd love to know what life hacks you have, because life hacks exist because people care to share the things they have learned that helped them just get through the most routing moments in life. So if you have even the most common sense life hack, we'd love to add them to a list created by our readers. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Have a Vision....

Have a vision. That is All. Have A VISION! Have a goal that is bigger than today, bigger than tomorrow, bigger than yourself. Have something in mind that makes your heart speed up when ever you think about it.  Have something that  not everyone will understand, but the very few that do, will want to become part of it.
Have a vision. Have a dream, have something that belongs to you and no one else. 

Regardless, of what is it you want to do in life, it is important that you have some type of vision, it is important that you try and clarify that vision as much a possible. It is important that the vision becomes so clear that you can not only see it, but you feel it. You know what you have to do in order to turn your vision into reality. Hone in your vision.

Since the start 2015, I (Ann) have  been  on a traveling spree to different countries, and various states. During this traveling spree, I was blessed with the opportunity to  have various conversations with people from all walks of life. From the child who doesn't even know what a vision is, to the adult who has forgotten about theirs. What I have learned, is everyone needs a goal outside of themselves. Everyone needs something that is bigger than them to believe in. Without it, our journeys  become that much harder and that much more clouded than they need to be. It is important that we never forget  the visions we have for our lives, and the vision that God/The Universe has given us. It is important to never forget about the bigger picture.

Having a vision is important, simply for the fact that it allows you to have a point of reference. When things get bad, and you start losing hope you need something to reference back to. You need to remember WHY the pain and struggle you are currently facing is going to be worth it.
 Without having a point of reference, you will give up on your dreams sooner rather than later. Without a reference, you will complain  rather than be appreciative. Without a point of reference, you will easily be side tracked  by so many things and people.

As 2015 unfolds, we want all of our readers to do something for US, that will benefit YOU in the long run. Create a vision. What do you want your life to like at the end of it all. What do you want to be doing professionally, what kind of family do you want, what impact do you want to have in this world? What is your vision for  your life?

Once you create it, pursue it. Do everything in your power to make sure it happens! Do everything in your power to make sure your vision turns into something tangible.

Share your vision with us...