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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Period Doesn't Stop Anything Except A Sentence...Enjoying Period Sex...

For those of you that follow us on Twitter you see that we ran a poll yesterday that asked if our followers have either allowed someone to have sex with them while they were me menstruating of if they even had sex with a woman while she was on her period. For some reason we were expecting there to be a somewhere between 
70-100% of people to respond with a big fat NO, but to our surprise  57% of the responses were no's while the other 43%  have had " period sex". These percentages are almost 50/50 so that led us to think.....WAIT men are actually having sex with women on their period?.... Even more so women are actually allowing men to have sex with them while they are bleeding from the insides? 


We were intrigued.

So we started to do some investigating to see if we could get someone to talk about their "period sex" experience. 
And guess what!? We found one! 

This is why we love our readers, you guess are so open and aren't afraid to share your ideas, and experiences with us and we appreciate it! 

Now let's get to the good stuff! Below is a story from one of our readers about her "bloody" experience.


So I am 23 year old woman who has had her share of sexual partners, nothing crazy, can still count them on one hand. Anyway I have known this guy for a long time and he had always showed interest in me but I never really gave him any attention. Yes, I had friend zoned him. As time went on I started to see him as a little more than a friend( his plan worked lol), so I began to let him court me. We went on a few dates, i hung out with his friends, even met his family. Now I  was far from in love with him, but I enjoyed his company whenever we were around each other. We were not in an official relationship due to me not really wanting commitment and my mind being focused on my career at the time. We also lived about 2 hours away from each other, which was a good and bad thing. I say that to say, when we did link up it was always fun and exciting. I would feel butterflies. We  would genuinely miss each other, which made each time feel someone new. 

So last year during Christmas, we had not seen each other for over a month due to schedule conflicts and traveling but we made sure to  set aside time the evening of Christmas. 

I had started on my period a few days prior so I had no intention of having sex with him. None. 
I just wanted to see him and cuddle and spend time with each other. 

Which is all we first.

After being in each other's presence for a few minutes I my insides started throbbing. I wanted him. I wanted him inside of me. So we started to kiss, which lead to both of our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. Next thing I know I am on top of him, still semi clothed.

Then I remembered DAMN! I am on my period. Now normally I would have just rolled over, gotten off him and stopped everything  but for some reason I was craving him  that night. So instead of ending things before things went too far I whispered in his ear "I want you. I want you bad. I want to fuck you bad. Real bad. But I'm on my period" now being who I am, I said this in the most sensual and sex voice as possible. I did not want to ruin the mood.

I wasn't sure what I expected him to say, I just hopped he wouldn't be mad or disgusted. What he did actually turned me on even more. He looked at me and said " thank you for telling me sexy, but I want you now. And I don't care" next thing I know he lifted me off from on top of him,  grabbed a towel put it top on the bed, laid me down and we had sex......multiple times. All night long.

To my surprise I didn't bleed too much through it, and I didn't feel actually made me feel better. It eased my cramps and made my entire body relax. Now when the high of the amazing sex started to ware off, in my head I kept  screaming GIRL YOU LET THIS MAN HAVE SEX WITH YOU WHILE YOU WERE ON YOUR PERIOD" 

I laughed out loud and he asked what was funny.....I said "nothing" and kissed him.  

We took a shower together after(after sneaking in another round in the shower), and cuddled the rest of the night......

In the middle of the night, my mind began to wander. I did start to think if he didn't mind having period sex with me did that mean he's done this often? So the next morning I just had to ask. He told me that I was the 2nd person he's done that with, the first time he ever did it was with his girlfriend of 3 years, and it was a horrible experience. He went on to say, " I not even going to lie, I was hesitant when you said you were on your period, but I wanted to make you orgasm. so I said F it." 

Now would I do it again? 
Maybe. It would definitely have to be with a person I trusted. 
Would I recommend it? 
I honestly do not know different strokes for different folks 

Sometimes when the sexual tension is too high and you just want them....nothing else really matters. 

Period sex isn't for everyone. If you don't like the site of blood DON'T DO IT! 
If you don't trust your partner DON'T DO IT!

I know I'm not the first person who has had period Sex, and I definitely  won't be the last. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are any of these distracting you from success?

Do you constantly find yourself getting distracted from completing your day to day tasks? Distractions creep up at every corner and will stop you from living to your fullest potential.
Focus is important when trying to accomplish any type of goal. You need to have tunnel vision until that particular goal is finished, otherwise the procrastination bug will get a hold of you and never let go.

Here are a few of the biggest distractions we often come across

Social media

One factor that can cause us to lose focus when handling business is social media. Social media has become a major part of daily life. It is a world separate from reality in which many people create new identities, and create false perceptions. If you are not careful social media can create a false sense of power, influence, respect, etc.. all completely based on their amount of followers or likes a person has.... or bought ha!
Many  people get so caught up in the facade of social media that they forget that they do not personally know these people. They forget that virtual popularity does not always mean actual influence.

Not only does social media taint our perceptions  of reality but it can often stop us from being productive. When was the last time you did not complete your to-do list, turn in a paper on time, handle paper work for a new business venture because what was suppose to be a quick trip to twitter turned into a 3-4 hour lurking session.
As crazy as it seems social media can actually slow down or completely stop progress.
It robs us of time and energy that should be spent pursuing our career,  passion,and  taking care of business. Many times we can become so caught up in Twitter, Snaps, IG, Facebook, periscope, etc...that we lose focus on real life.
We forget that we need to actually interact with people in order to get most goals accomplished.

Material things

Keeping up with the Jones. A majority of us become so consumed in this world that we fall victim to unrealistic standards.  In the midst of looking at what everyone has or has done we forget that everything is not for everyone. We all have our own individual wants and needs, and that is what we should focus on. Trying to keep up with what you assume other people have will not only stop personal growth, but it will drive you emotionally and psychologically crazy.

Society tells us that we should have this designer clothing, have x amount money, drive a foreign car, date a certain type, be married by a certain age, pursue a particular career, etc...and we listen.
This idea that we should be doing certain things, a certain way, by a certain time has been drilled into our heads so much that we lose focus of  OUR life. We fail to realize that no one has to live with the consequences of chasing this picture that society created besides US.

 We can often get caught up in pursuing the fast dollar over something we are truly passionate about because we are taught early on that money is  the driving force for everything. We are taught that without money nothing else matters. Money is the end goal right?...

While there's nothing against having nice material possessions remember that in the end money will never truly make you happy. The goal is to see and use money for what it really is, a tool. Money is a tool to achieve certain things, it should be a means to an end.
Money should not be the end goal, at least not the only end goal.


As much as we would like to skip over this distraction, it is one of the most debilitating. Unfortunately the relationships we have with other people,
whether they be professional or personal (friendships, intimate, family),  can be one of the worst type of distraction. There will always be a fight in your head and heart on whether or not you should spend time with a loved one, stay later at work or leave to go work on your own personal goals.
There is no right or wrong answer, but the goal should be balance.  You have to be able to create a balance between doing and being there for others and doing for yourself. You never want to be in a situation where you put yourself on hold to attend to someone else because sooner or later if it becomes a pattern you will begin resenting them.
You have to make yourself a priority at times, without feeling guilty about it.

Relationships are amazing, as long as they are healthy and they assist in your growth.
If your relationship with anyone is stopping you from achieving the success you know you are destined for, it may be time to cut ties.

Lack of Structure

Do you lack structure? When we fail to prepare it causes a domino affect in our lives.
Have you ever felt extremely busy, but then realized that you have not really done anything.
Instead you found yourself running around for hours accomplishing very little.
Sometimes the bulk of your hours are spent on one task and before you know it the day is over. Instead of tackling the most important tasks first, we tend to let them linger on because they are more complex  and probably require more time. Grab the bull my its horns,  don't wimp out and decide to go play with the dog instead (the less important task). This is just another form of procrastination and it will hinder you from progressing to the next stage in your life.

To combat this I suggest beginning each day by listing your goals and the necessary tasks required to reach that goal. A daily To-Do List.
Follow this up by allotting yourself a certain amount of time for each task to ensure you don't spend too long on any one task. Time management is extremely important, you never want to spend too much time on a particular tasks, especially if you still have a list of other tasks that need to be done as well.

If these are not  the distractions you deal with, list your own and make the necessary steps to eliminate or at least minimize them.

 If it's not assisting in reaching your goal then it is a distraction.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hey I am not Mean or Anti-Social I'm Just Socially Awkward

Have you ever met a person that appears standoffish? This behavior can sometimes leave you with an impression  that they are stuck up, rude, unfriendly or just down right just an asshole. All of these thoughts normally form before an initial conversation has even taken place.  It is always interesting to see how we make such strong opinions of people without actually getting to know them.

There are plenty of people who are naturally just more reserved or do not wish to speak to everyone they come in contact with, not because they are mean people but because it does not come natural to them. Some people clam on in social settings, while other people flourish and are social butterflies.
If you are one of the people that tend to stay to yourself;whether it be because you are shy, socially awkward, or just very private in nature it is important to know how to  do this without sending the wrong messages to people. Regardless of what your personality is, you never want to be in a situation where you unintentionally offend another person.

Here are a few things you should be mindful of when interacting with people


Not acknowledging a person can be seen as disrespect. It is one of the easiest ways to get on someones bad side, even if not done maliciously. People want to be spoken every time you see them.
 Roger enters work and sees his colleagues, they expect to be greeted by Roger but instead Roger walks by without a second glance.
There are 2 ways to view Roger.  
  • Roger does not see anything wrong with not speaking and rushes to is desk to start work. He could genuinely couldn't care less about these people, how their day is going, how they're feeling, or simply just does not want to talk. 
  •  On the other hand Roger is just socially awkward and may not know how to approach people, Instead of walking in and speaking to his coworkers and stirring up conversation, Roger scurries to his desk and may just want to stay out of the way. 

People like Roger might not be comfortable approaching people due to low self esteem, the lack of confidence or simply because of the way they were raised. Some of us were raised in an environment where speaking openly was out of the norm. They may come from a household where openly giving/showing affection or concern wasn't something they were accustomed to, therefore  they do not know how to give it to other people.

There is a difference between the anti-social man/woman who does not want to be bothered and the socially awkward person who doesn't know how to communicate without feeling uncomfortable.

Facial Expressions

This is a killer. Often times your body language and facial expressions tell a story without a single word being spoken. In most cases when people say or do things it generates an immediate facial expression or bodily response socially awkward person. So what you might perceive as someone being angry or uninterested, might actually just be their discomfort or uncertainty.
One night I'm out with a group of people and one of them is trying to ask me a question but speaking in  a very low and feeble voice. Due to the fact that we were in a loud bar I ask why he's speaking so low and tell him to speak up. Instead of speaking up he immediately turns around and walks away in a fast paced manner visibly upset. 
Curious and confused as to why he walked away, I asked others around me if I said anything or did anything that would warrant his strange behavior. According to them, my tone seemed harsh and my face looked hinted at being irritated.

Generally an antisocial person doesn't care who talking or what's being said even in a conversation with substance. They may even be angry at the fact is someone is even trying to converse with them, when all they want to do is escape the conversation and be alone. While on the other hand the socially awkward person will display similar actions/expressions but for completely different reasons. A socially awkward person may not realize some of the things they say or do in the heat of the moment, because they are not in control of the moment. Socially awkward people tend to allow people and situations to overwhelm them. They get flustered by the currently situation and are normally no longer in control of their actions, let along their facial expressions.

Connecting with others

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unable to relate to those around you, not because you did not care but because you were unsure of how to feel or did not feel comfortable enough to freely express yourself? So instead of saying or doing the wrong thing you simply detach from it all together? This is common for socially awkward people. We often find it difficult to finds something that binds or connects us with the people and things around us, because we are out of our comfort zones. 
Roger finds himself at a dinner party where people are openly speaking about their trials and tribulations in life. Everyone is discussing their personal and professional struggles and triumphs. Instead of actively participating Roger sits back and just watches, smiling and nodding here and there.
A socially awkward person doesn't know how to relate with others. There may be a level of discomfort in having someone relate to them, to the point where if another person tries to probe them to speak or feel it further pushes them into a place of discomfort. This can also be due to past bad experiences where opening up and participating lead to embarrassment or other unwanted feelings.

 There are literally  thousands of scenarios in which we could run through. However, if you've followed along and recognize the signs it is normally fairly easy to spot a person that looks as if they do not want to be in a certain situation or conversation. The key is find out out who they feel like that. It would be  very easy to label them; stuck up, rude, unfriendly or an asshole but that is rarely the actual cause. Plenty of people just do not feel comfortable in certain settings and instead of verbalizing that discomfort they place a wall up that  keeps them guarded and somewhat protected from outside forces.

So next time you want to write someone off as being distant, ask yourself WHY?

Hey I am not Anti-Social I'm Just Socially Awkward.....

Monday, January 25, 2016

New Year, New look....Who's this?

What better time to change your style around then the new year! If you haven't figured out how you want to update your look by now chances are you're not ready yet, and that's ok!

As for people who are ready to turn heads, It's time for you to channel your new, upgraded self! 

We've all had some type of desire to change up our look, either to something more exciting or maybe  you want to look more approachable.

As you are making that transition into a new look, considering your personality as key.
The new clothes mean nothing without a good and genuine spirit behind it.  You can always tell when someone  does not like what they have on, it's written all over their face.

It's very easy to get lost in all of the hair, makeup, clothes, accessories etc.... and allow them to take over you. Whatever new look you want to try,  you have to  own it.

One of the keys in fashion and style is you MUST be confident with who you currently are and the changes you are about to make.
Embrace the new look.
You can not half ass it!

Another key, don't go broke trying to create a new image for yourself.
Pace yourself when building your wardrobe, you want to start with purchasing key pieces first, but if you have the money to blow, go all in!

The end goal is to be the person YOU always wanted to be no matter what anyone says.

Here are some example of people who decided to turn things up a notch, some in a modest way and some went the more extreme route.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Love of The Hustle Vs. The Love of Your Lady...... Pick One?

First let me take the time to say I'm sharing this as a the perspective of a young black man in his early to mid twenties who is on a come up working hard towards his dreams. I know there are those that will go against the grain just off the strength of the title of this post and claim how their significant other is successful and still make time for them. The key there is  that those people have on some level achieved success & if they haven't achieved that success are they truly happy? (that is another post though)
 There is a difference between being already being successful  and making time for the one you love and chasing success. This post speaks for the young men who can't sleep at night, who lay awake in the latest hour strategizing their take over. Who haven't tasted success but will by sheer dedication.

As someone who is dedicated to achieving a dream or dreams, I know first hand the time and energy required to perfecting your craft. In today's competitive over saturated world standing out and going the extra two miles are extremely important. This is doubly true for those pursuing the more highly sought after but less taken routes. My average day consist of going to work  (after all you have to hold down life pay bills, eat, get fly ,have spare money etc), after the day job the night job begins, which consist of a few externships and  independent business endeavors. Afterward I can easily find myself awake until 3 am only to have to be up and ready for the next day at 7am. 

Now adding a female into that schedule is next to impossible. Now there are those that will say love should come before all material things. I totally agree, but what these people fail to realize is that most in my position are actually passionate about what they do, they have a calling for it. So who’s to say love isn’t coming first?  Just a different type of love. 

I believe that you actually need to love what you do in life or you're just existing serving no real purpose. If you think about it we are spend the most hours and more productive hours of the day at our day jobs. That being said, finding a position or career you love  is extremely important otherwise you are just wasting time away at a cubicle.

Once upon a time, I believed you could have it both at the same time. So I made an attempt at it. I went into the situation fully laying my ambitions and rigorous schedule out on the table making it known to potentially save her time and mine. She was totally cool and and supportive initially, she'd offer to come to my events, offer financial support, and just had a general interest in being around.

Of course as time went on this support changed, which I expected  because at the end of the day we are all individuals and I didn't expect her to completely change her wants and needs for me. 
She began to feel neglected, second rate, lonely, all of the typical feelings you come to expect out of this situation. So the effort was made to adjust  my schedule, but I found myself irritated frequently, constantly feeling like a waste of space, even questioning my purpose. Now anyone who is out here hustling for themselves knows the commitment and constant dedication it takes to succeed, especially if you are pursing a career in the entertainment industry. 
If you're not going to do it all the way, then why do it at all? Though we had a good time and she tried to be supportive it fell apart in a major way.  I know she truly didn't understand my passion or grind, and not to even put it on her but I was honestly more in love with my pursuit towards success. As a man,  it's my job to hunt and bring home and provide for myself and my family.

After the relationship ended, I was actually relieved at its dismantle because I know various  talented friends of mine who are stuck sitting behind a woman (not on a misogynistic tip) miserable as hell working a 9 to 5 with no further goals. It's really screwed up because it's like their quality of life has been reduced. So even though they were married with kids, they were unhappy and constantly pretended to be happy. It was all a facade. Now there were times when I reflected and the thought came up that I made a mistake on my part but when God has a calling for you he’ll also send you the confidence to go through any obstacles, and a person that understands when the time comes.

Now this is not to say that a successful relationship is obtainable while on the grind,  or that your woman does not deserve your time because at the end of the day it's all about compromise. You just need to make sure the compromise works for  everyone involved.

As always we welcome other perspectives, leave your comment or feedback below. Blessings.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Bob Me Up: Different ways to Style your Bob!

Have you ever wanted to try a bob but didn't quite know how to style it? No worries we are here to inspire you with a few great looks! Bobs are one of the hairstyles that keep will always be in style no matter what season we are in, simply because there are so many different ways to wear them!
 They are easily a go to style and don't require a lot of maintenance .

Before diving into any hair style in general we recommend you try a wig first. That way if you end up hating it, you can easily take it off and try something else. 

Don't be scared to get a little bold and try some color!

Now that you've gotten a few ideas, here are some videos that will show you step by step on how to style your bob effortlessly!

Music Monday: Jay Solstice

This week's music Monday features Jersey's own Jay Solstice. 
The 22 year old Camden rapper is on a come up. From being featured in various magazines as well as performing overseas  Jay Solstice embodies the definition of "Hungry" in this industry and he doesn't seem to be slowing down. His gritty flow paired with his raspy vocals  captivates you as he assaults every track with lyrical arsenal. This up and coming rapper is well on his way to establishing a name for himself. 
Be on the lookout for him in 2016!

 Instagram @jaysolstice
Twitter @jaysolstice 
Tumblr at

                           - Writer @Tha7thMan