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She Is A Marketing Genius

One thing that made Beyoncé great was her ability to make herself a commodity.  In 2013 she left the the entertainment and business industries upside down when she revealed how much buying power she truly has. With the use of social media and a strategic and secretive team she dropped a album without prior promotion or even any inclination that she was even working on one.

For those unaware, the music business consists of cliché press runs, advertising, long drawn out promotion tactics, blah blah blah, before the release of an album, but Beyonce decided to not only do any marketing she has not done any interviews in over 3 years.

Beyonce decided to not go on a promo tour, not to do any interviews, not to do any shows, in fact all she decided to do was use social media. Simply posted  “Guess what Beyoncé has a new album” via her social media, within hours she was topping various charts, and hearts of dedicated fans.

She showed us just how much power her music and brand really hold. She showed how supportive her fan base the #BeyHive really are, she cut out the middle man and freed up plenty of money by not needing a marketing budget. She easily saved (and made) millions by cutting out pricy ad campaigns. She became her own marketing plan.

She showed how easy and important it is to not lose focus of the consumer.

American consumers don’t like options, sad but true. They like to be told what to do, how, when, where etc....

Beyonce dropped her album as an entire package, complete with visuals and didn’t allow the consumer time to decide if they liked or not. She did not allow them time to decide what  the visual should be, she told them. If you can remember back to that historic night, that’s all everyone was talking about on social media for at least 3 days. It became almost a necessity to have the album so you could be part of the conversation.

Consumers were more in awe that it was secretly released than the actual body of work. (I personally thought “4” was better) Initially there were no singles available for download, just an entire album that consisted of a full-length video to accompany each song.

Beyoncé illustrated how powerful of a tool social media could be by simply building an audience, in conjunction with brand recognition (being that she’s known and credible for a quality product).
This same equation fits for many small business owners as well even though they may not have the reach of Beyoncé.

One example of this is you may have a service to offer for people with bad credit, so you start a Facebook group for people with bad credit and begin posting credible and factual tips to improve credit to draw the audience in. Once your page reaches 10,000 likes you then begin announce your service and receive 100 orders in your first days of promotion.

We are starting to see more and more occurrences of this type of strategic marketing.

Now lets talk about how she just recently used one damn song and a performance to damn near sell out a world tour. For those who might not know she released a song and visual titled “Formation” in which she touches upon social injustices and racial issues in the black community.

Not only does cause a frenzy with her formation song, and visual but she took it up a notch by performing Formation at the Superbowl 50th Anniversary Halftime Show, which followed the announcement of her formation tour.

Lets not forget these cops protesting working her shows catching national attention promoting the tour even more! Just a load of free promo and more of the Bey Hive rallying behind their queen, and supporters of black of lives matter, quickly selling out those venues. No need for any more promotion for this tour! Now that’s marketing strategy for that ass! As you can see this woman is a marketing guru!  Well-played Bey! Well Played Blessings!



Top fashion mistakes!

We're not going to list the million things you shouldn't wear but we're going to help you make better choices when it comes to what you wear! Personal style is essential, but should never be an added stressor in your life, so we are here to simplify things for you!

1. Stop wearing clothes that hurt you. Ladies are the most guilty for this. If the shoe no longer fits, give it up! What's the point of getting corns on your toes and complaining about how bad your feet hurt every time you wear a shoe that doesn't fit you? Get shoes that are comfortable and stylish to wear all day long instead of wearing shoes you can barely walk in for more than 1 hour.

2. If your wearing an outfit and you constantly have to keep looking in the mirror because you feel "self conscious" you don't need to be wearing it . You should feel good when you get dressed, confidence is your best accessory.

3. Buying clothes just because they are on sale is a no no. Some people have a very bad habit of doing this because they feeling like they are saving a lot  when really, it was impulse.
Smart shopping is buying what you need

4. Purchasing clothes you'll only wear once. Unless it's a wedding, birthday, prom dress, or other special occasion buying something you're only going to wear once is a waste of time and money, Especially if it's not a statement peace. 

5. Following trends. Now there's nothing wrong with follow trends as long as YOU really believe you like it and it's worth the purchase. Sitting on tumblr and Instagram for hours seeing the same pieces could actually brainwash you into thinking you like something you have no intention of actually wearing.


Control Your Emotions

Are you tired of constantly being angry, depressed, sad, confused etc...? 
Here are some pointers on remaining positive throughout the many mishaps that life may through at you. 

Being in control and focusing on positivity requires dedication, focus, adaptability and the willingness to let things go.  

Don't be fooled, as easy as it is to tell someone to be "positive" staying  in control of your emotions and remaining positive is hard work, but it's a lot more rewarding and beneficial than having a negative mindset or bad energy.

Know Who You Are

Before beginning anything it is important to be aware  of YOU, meaning knowing who you are, flaws and all.
 If you don't know who you truly are how can you know what exactly you need to become a better you? You have to be aware of your flaws in order either fix them or decide to live with them.
What may work for me may not work for you. 
It wasn't until I developed a relationship with God that I was able to begin on this journey. 
He laid the ground work and foundation for me to begin on this path. 
After seeking him vigorously through scripture and prayer he began speaking to me showing me a lot of the foolery that I took part in and needed to stop in order to fix my mindset, which in turn helped me fix my life. He is my foundation, counsel , and guidance throughout this entire process. 

If you are not religious or even spiritual that is fine, but I do think it is important to find something outside of yourself to believe in. Acknowledging an higher power, even if you refer to it as the universe or just energy, can be vital  to your personal journey.
 Knowing that there is something more powerful than you helps put certain things into perspective. 
It makes you realize that life is always going to happen, meaning there are certain thing out of your control. If you can not control it there is no need to be upset about it.

Emotions Are Temporary 

Being positive starts with you! You would be surprised how much we are  responsible for our own unhappiness. Many times we let our emotions lead us, forgetting that emotions are temporary. We allow them to guide  our steps, although we know we shouldn't. Making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions is never a good thing. The problem with this is that our feelings and thoughts are unstable. If you think about it how often have you found yourself angry at a person and saying  things only to apologize and take them back because your thoughts and feelings changed 30 minutes later after you cooled down. 

Feelings change, so it is important to keep that in mind when reacting. 

Learning your triggers

Sometimes there are certain situations or people that trigger us to think or behave in a  negative manner.  We all have certain people, things, topics etc.. that will  will trigger certain emotions or behaviors. Knowing what they are,  is the first step in not allowing them to control you.
These situations must be avoided at all cost or as much as possible.  
Also, once a pattern begins and people realize what gets under your skin, they will purposely use your triggers against you, and you never want to give someone control over your behavior, let alone your emotions.

 When our mind is under the influence of outside pressures like these it can cause us to think and act impulsively, rashly, and you run the risk of damaging yourself and other people in the process. It's vital to take the necessary time away from these triggers and analyze them accordingly before proceeding. As with everything in this process this will required time, commitment, and patience. 


Realistic Overdose presents: Polaroid Theme Party

                       presents: "Polaroid Theme Party"  Saturday May 28th, from 7-12am @siplounge DC 

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      Dressing as one of the three themes is optional but the more in character you are the Better!



The Importance of feeling sexy. 4 Simple Tips!

It's a known fact that when you look good, you feel good.
Feeling good is an important aspect of our lives. The lack of confidence can and will affect you personally, financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
Often times we find women who are not satisfied with the way they look and their negative  perceptions of themselves outweigh the positive.
It's important to feel sexy, it is important to smile when you look at yourself!

That feeling alone builds confidence, character and encourages a positive approach towards life in general.

There's nothing wrong with going the extra mile and taking the necessary steps to help you feel better about yourself.

Here are few tips we think will help

Dress up: 

If you're use to always being the "plan Jane'" of the group, dress up! Step away from what you would typically wear and put on something that shapes your body, is eye grabbing and outside of your comfort zone. Putting on a pair of heels is always a cheat code to feeling sexy. Every woman should own a pair of black heels that they can throw on with their favorite dress or jeans. Heels are able to turn the simplest jean and T-shirt outfit into an the perfect dinner and movie outfit.

Working out plays a major role in your overall wellness. When you keep your body healthy and active you will have a better attitude,  while your body rewards you by being in tip top shape.

The company you keep:
If you find you are  always in competition with your "friends" about who looks better or gets the most attention. It's time for some new friends. Real friends will always make you feel good about yourself even on your worst day. Surround yourself with people who are constantly making  you feel good. Stay away from people who make you question your worth.

Self love:
You have to genuinely be able to tell yourself "You are the sh*t"  and actually believe it ! Everyone was created special so embrace who you are! Find out what your favorite quality  or best asset is, and focus on that. focus on everything you love about yourself.


Landed the Interview....Now What?

So you finally land that interview for that job you’ve been after for months. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back you’ve made it through the initial stage. But before you go out and celebrate realize you still don’t have that job yet. I can't tell you how many time I’ve seen people  jump the gun only to be stopped right in their tracks due to lack of preparation, thus giving a lukewarm interview.  
An interview is an employer saying we want to meet you in person, nothing more nothing less. While you did make it to this phase you must realize there are probably a considerable amount of people competing for that exact position.

Before you run into an office to 30 plus minutes convincing a company rep that you are the ideal candidate it may be in your best interest to learn a minor detail or two about the company.  With websites such as LinkedIn you may even take it a step further and research the individuals who will be interviewing you. After all you are interview with a living human, and during the course of this interview you should  try and establish a rapport with the other individual. 
Prior research will aide you tremendously as it may give you a point of reference to engage in professional conversation as it relates to the potential job.

As a former hiring manager nothing was worse than a stale, uptight, almost robotic individual who answered every question as if it were directly from a company-training manual. While you should keep it professional at all times it’s definitely okay to engage in general conversation. 
For example, you may see some type of memorabilia in their office, make small about it. 9 times out of 10 they will answer and engage with you creating less tension and good vibes between you all. However please remember you are at an interview and don’t turn conversation in any direction that can be seen as inappropriate. 

There are interviewers out there (me at one time) who will try to get you extremely comfortable simply to see your level of professionalism and figure out your real motivations for showing up to the interview.

You should really put a lot of thought in your clothing choice depending on your career. While wearing the standard black slacks with a white dress shirt and solid colored tie is a common practice for many interviews in corporate America, some careers may require you to step your clothing game up. 

A friend of mine a few years back went for a position with TRBJ designing clothes. Before going she took existing jeans she owned tailored, distressed, and gave her own spin on. She wore them and took a few other samples of her work. The interviewer was extremely impressed with her work, but she didn’t get the job. However, a few months later she got a call from a boutique in LA and was offered a position as a seamstress paying more than the position with TRBJ. When she asked how they knew about her it turned the interviewer was best friends with the owner of the boutique.  While that’s not a typical scenario, the point is she put a lot of thought and preparation into her clothing choice and it paid off nicely.

Remember as a young professional you are always selling yourself. 
A great deal of thought and emphasis should be placed into your appearance, professionalism, and clients (potential employers).  Remember to never sweat though! You’ve got what it takes to stand out above the crowd!  Stay prayerful.
If they don’t want you, learn from the experience and keep  going. A "no" will not kill you




Music Monday: Algee Smith

All the way from Saginaw, MI this week’s music Monday showcases the multifaceted Algee Smith. 

Smith has been featured in various acting roles on television networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon and most recently Lifetime’s award winning drama series Army Wives. The 21-year-old multi-talented musician is a combination of r&b and hip-hop. His music gives you a genuinely fun, carefree vibe with tracks covering a variety of subject matter from relationships with various women to the constant work needed to make his aspirations a reality. 
The track Pursuing is an uptempo beat on which Smith harmonizes as he is captivated by the hypnotizing beauty of a gorgeous woman. 

In the latest track Grinding produced by Go Grizz from his upcoming EP, The Art of Attraction Smith show off his rap skills. 
What are your thoughts?
 The Art of Attraction has no set release date. Listen Below.